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Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747) random rebooting?


Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747) random rebooting?

For some reason, my new Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747) is rebooting itself randomly, sometimes 5-6 times a day.

I've seen a few random posts on the internet of this occuring, but no real discussion of the issue. Any help here?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747) random rebooting?

Do you have any apps installed?  You might want to start with those...especially if this was not an occurrence that continued since you purchased the phone.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747) random rebooting?

This was happeneing on my Galaxy Nexus when I had it, then I found out it was an app that was taking so much memory...if there is a lot of memory being taken, the phone will reboot itself to refresh and clear the memory...check your running apps to see what apps are taking a lot of memory

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747) random rebooting?

what do i do after finding out d app dat takes lot of memory??
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