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Samsung Galaxy Note


Samsung Galaxy Note

I just bought a samsung galaxy note phone for myself. When receiving emails with html format, the email does not open up like it should, a little icon box in the middle says "load more details". when i click on that, the email opens up like it should.  I could open on my previous iphone 3gs and my son currently has a samsung galaxy note 3, and it opens up on that. any suggestions. samsung tech support says my software is the latest and i need to send my phone in for 7-10 days.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note

Hi t_carrat,


Thank You for your post.  Below I have added a link that should be helpful to you.  Again, Thank You for your post.




Samsung Support Website

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note

Have you checked the settings for your email account?  You may have "Show images" unchecked, have a limit set as far as the size of emails to pull or something else that would block the HTML format.

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