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Samsung Galaxy Note II E-mail Problems


Samsung Galaxy Note II E-mail Problems

I recently moved to ATT UVerse for t.v., internet and home phone.  My cellular service is through Verizon.  I also recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note II.  I am having very frustrating issues with receiving email via my smartphone.  I get mail on my laptop and via AT&T webmail with no problems; however, when I set up my phone for AT&T mail I will get mail for about two days and then it just stops coming to my phone.  If I delete the account and reinitialize the account, the mail coming pouring in.  I get it for a day or two and it stops again.  The phone sets itself up once I enter my AT&T account, so I'm not doing a manual setup.  What is going on here?  I know AT&T was the first to offer the Samsung Galaxy Note II and surely others use it for AT&T mail.  I also don't think I'm the first to have this problem, based on some postings I've seen.  What is going on with this and how do I resolve it?


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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note II E-mail Problems

That certainly is odd and the first I've heard of it. 


I'll do a bit of research to see if this has been mentioned elsewhere but in the meantime, maybe some of our other community members can help. Smiley Happy


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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note II E-mail Problems

Are you setting up your AT&T email on your phone as a Yahoo! account or an IMAP account?  I am able to sync my mother's AT&T email through my cell phones.  She is a former BellSouth customer; their email addresses were served by Yahoo! Email and I can set it up as a Yahoo! Email account on my phone.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note II E-mail Problems


I have had the same problem since performing an update shortly after getting this fabulous phone. I've searched the net for months, but it wasn't until this morning that I found the answer that fixed the issue. I can't recall the gentleman's name, but thanks for the solution!

Press the left MENU Button (it's at the bottom left side of the phone outside the touch screen area)
Then select the MENU Button Again
Turn ON (Select with a check Mark) AUTO SYNC DATA

The just make sure your syncing schedule is set up as you've probably been trying for the past 6 months!

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