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Samsung Galaxy Note 1 Issues


Samsung Galaxy Note 1 Issues

So after updating to 4.0.4 I'm having serious issues with only being able to type one message and then needing to restart the phone because the keyboard will not work. I've had the Note for about 3 months and this is just unacceptable. What good is this phone if I can not type in any applications unless I restart the phone. Once my phone goes black to "sleep" I have to restart it to be able to type again. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 1 Issues

If you have kies on your computer: run the program;put ur phone in download mode whole hooked into the usb cable. Bring up the firmware start and intialization ; pull ur battery from the phone or get ur box and get the model number and serial number type in the info in the necessary place then let ur phone reinstall the firmware and you will be good as new.-from xda forums
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