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Samsung Galaxy II- Buyer Beware - Gorilla Glass


Samsung Galaxy II- Buyer Beware - Gorilla Glass

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy II, in November 2012. Phone fell out of my daughter's hand from a sitting position and the screen has cracked. Now no one wants to stand behind the Gorilla Glass durability advertisement. Now it will cost me more than what I paid for the phone to get the repairs done and AT&T cancelled the warranty, due to physical damage (cracked screen).


I was transferred several times, to get to warranty to find out the glass is not covered at all. Then for Warranty to transfer me to Samsung and for Samsung to tell me it will cost $178.71 to replace the cracked "Gorilla Glass" and LCD. Both AT&T and Samsung telling me that even though the glass is advertised as durable the phone is not indestructible. The only thing scratched is the glass.


I pulled up the Corning Gorilla Glass Corning 2, that is on the Samsung Galaxy Ii and in all their advertisements is sleek, light weight and durable. They even have a demonstration showing that the glass used for this phone can take up to 170 Lbs of direct force. So much for researching items before you buy.  Well, Buyer Beware!


I have been an Bellsouth-AT&T customer for over 10 years and this will make me switch. If you can't stand behind your wireless products that lock a person into a 2 year contract, you should not sell those items. at least not with "False advertisements".


I know that most of the time, we know that if you drop your phone and crack the glass then you void the warranty. This was different with the phones that AT&T has with the Gorilla Glass. The case that they had for the phone did not protect the face, because as many of them quoted "its Gorilla Glass - unbreakable". Now no one wants to stand behind the sale.


I called AT&T back on the phone and asked for a phone number or address to the Corporate office. They kept me on the hold for over 25 minutes. I guess they were just waiting for me to hang up but I stayed on hold. Then they just hung up, didn't call back after taking my number at the beginning of the call- just in case we were disconnected. Poor service- AT&T- shame on you.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy II- Buyer Beware - Gorilla Glass

Your daughter dropped the phone and it broke, and you think this is AT&T's responsibility? For shame.

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