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Samsung GSIII Low On Space message


Samsung GSIII Low On Space message

We have the Samsung Galaxy SIII and we're getting a notification (on the phone display) which says:


"Low on space

Phone storage space is getting"


That's it. When we click on the notification, we're taken to the "Memory Usage" page with the "All" tab selected (the other tabs are Downloaded and Running). At the bottom of this page, it says:


Device memory: 12gb used, 397mb free


I assume since we were taken to the "All" tab, this is the "space" issue about which we're being notified.


I'm unclear on which memory this is and if we can add to it by installing a microSD card into the phone.


Can someone please explain what this is and what we can do about it?



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Re: Samsung GSIII Low On Space message

Simply put, you have a limited amount of on-board memory, and at this point you've used nearly all of it up.

You can either go into your file browser and start deleting files (videos, pics, voice recordings, etc..) you don't need, uninstall some apps, or throw in an SD card (64GB micro SDs are rather cheap nowadays).

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Re: Samsung GSIII Low On Space message

So this message indicates the phone is running low on the flash memory (persistent storage) and not RAM (runtime memory)?


I've read lots of stories regarding problems with the microSD cards in this particular phone. Are there any buying tips to purchasing a card that will work?



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Re: Samsung GSIII Low On Space message

Correct. Your device doesn't have 12+ gigs of RAM Smiley Tongue


As far as additional memory, I never had a problem with mine. Been running the same Sandisk 64GB that I had in my S2 with no hiccups. A lot of the issues you read about come from people that use the cheaper priced alternatives, and have nothing to do with the device itself.

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Re: Samsung GSIII Low On Space message

Thanks, that makes sense. So is the MicroSDXC Class 10 the one I want, like this one?


MicroSDXC at Amazon


Thanks for your patience.

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Re: Samsung GSIII Low On Space message

You don't necessarily need to spring for a 64GB card if you don't want to, especially if you think that a 32GB card will suffice and want to save a buck.


That said, $45 is a pretty good deal for a 64GB Sandisk, and yes, that will work just fine for you and your S3.

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