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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems


Samsung Captivate Problems

Trying Captivate after being Iphone user. Have done two factory resets. Besides the GPS not locking, slow to lock, and lossing lock, my biggest complaints are: 1) Slow screen scrolling 2) Yahoo mail app freezes or won't load at all. Yes have tried uninstall and reinstall. I wish email app on bottom bar would let you put in multiple email accounts. I have 2 Bellsouth.net and 1 gmail. 3) When holding phone in 1 hand and turning on or off, I have trouble NOT hitting the volume buttons. 4) When phone is in pocket, and slightest pressure is on any external buttons, the phone won't ring. It's the same as if you pressed button on incomming call to mute ringtone. 5) Sometimes if phone is off and want to turn on, holding power button does nothing. Will repeat several times until it finally turns on. 6) Settings, About Phone, System Tutorial, Begin button went to program once. Now nothing. This is even after factory reset. 7) Touch screen calibration seems to be off. Maybe only a few mm. But that enough to hit wrong icon. or url. There are more, but I will keep post short.


This complaint is petty, but it drives me nuts. Time on Splash screen. 24hr ( Military ) or 12 hr. I have set to 12 hr. Instead of saying 1:37pm, the clock will say 01:37pm. Come on Samsung. Get rid of the zero before the 1. Military would be 13:37.




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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

If you are having problems with random shutdowns, try putting it to sleep and not letting to go to sleep automatically. On mine when it automatically goes to sleep, it will not wake up, but instead powers up. I have set mine to the maximum time to go to sleep and try to remember to put it to sleep manually. So far it has been over a day and it has not failed once.
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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

I almost always put my phone to sleep manually to save on battery life.  So that unfortunately will not fix my problem.  I assume you mean to put the phone to sleep using the right upper button on the side?  That is how I put mine to sleep anyway.  Thank you for your reply.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems



I had the same problem with shutdowns.  Returned the phone and got a new Captivate.  That fixed the random shut down issue.  Sound like you have a faulty phone - return it.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Thanks for the reply.  My wife got the same phone and does not seem to have that problem.  I am glad to see your issue was fixed.  I have a little hope now.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Just another brand new Captivate owner chiming in to report that my phone is randomly shutting down, as well. This is stock, out of the box... no modifications of ANY sort to the phone. Not even changes to power saving features and whatnot.


It's caused me to wake up late twice for work, as I was planning on relying on the phone as an alarm clock. Instead, I wake up 30 minutes late only to notice that the phone shut itself off overnight for no good reason at all.



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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Yup, if you're still within 30 days, return the phone.  Seems that a good amount of first order handsets had the random shutdown problem.  I've had my second phone for 3 weeks now with no shutdown issues at all.


Now only if they fess up to the very bad battery issue ....

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Former iPhone user..had the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation phones.  I was a pretty big fan of the iphone due to the way it seamlessly integrated functions and applications.  My 3G was a pretty cool toy, but a very poor phone.  When it started developing it's own GPS problems, and I couldn't get a reasonable answer from Apple concerning repair, I decided to look at other platforms.  I picked up an HTC Aria...neat little phone, but too small but I really liked the OS and the Sense UI.  Coming from the iphone kinda spoiled me on screen size.  Then I saw the Captivate.  I read all about it's problems, but being a bit of a tech geek, I figured it wasn't anything I couldn't work thru.

My Captivate has worked flawlessly out of the box.  I've had it for about 30 days now with zero problems, which baffles me.  I usually attract the software bugs, but somehow, not this time.

I guess the only real issue I have is with the native email program.  It's pretty flakey and not nearly as well designed and executed as Apple's.  It kept recycling messages...I'd delete them and then they would reappear.  Pretty annoying.  So, I ditched it and replaced it with the K-9 mail app, which works just great and it's free. 

I see alot of complaints that are nothing more than a failure to set up the Captivate correctly.

True, you don't have to set up much on the iphone, right out of the box, but it has no where near the flexibility of the Captivate.  And that's the trade off you make with flexibilty.

BTW, the Google apps work much, much better and faster on the Captivate than the 3G.  Just my 2 cents.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

@teyshablue wrote:

I guess the only real issue I have is with the native email program.  It's pretty flakey and not nearly as well designed and executed as Apple's.  It kept recycling messages...I'd delete them and then they would reappear.  Pretty annoying.  So, I ditched it and replaced it with the K-9 mail app, which works just great and it's free. 

What settings did you use for your outgoing server?  I have not been able to get the outgoing server setup.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

My outgoing server settings:



security type "SSL if avail"

Port 465

Require Sign in

Auth type: Plain


Change the port to any SMTP port other than 25.  That's usually blocked or heavily trafficked by spam.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

I need the hotmail settings.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Hey buddy, just thought I would throw in my .02. I also had the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations of the iPhone. Went to the AT&T store one afternoon and checked out the Captivate. Right out of the box the phone has worked perfect, no issues, although I did ditch the native email app and went with K-9, much better.


The iPhone locks you down in so many ways it is unbelievable. The Captivate takes the iPhone to a whole new level. Although I liked my iPhone the Captivate does so much more and then some it is crazy. Anyway, no problems here and sorry for those who are having issues.



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Former Employee

Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Hotmail works for me but I have premium...













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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

I don't think this was listed on your list of problems, but the most annoying thing happens with my captivate. Quite frequently it will just freak out, and start going back and forth between apps, and the home screen, with the home screen button on the bottom blinking, as it vibrates. It will just close out of running apps, and go to the home screen, even while a midst a text message it will start vibrating and go home, then back and forth. The only way that I've found to remedy this problem is to lock the phone and unlock it and it will work for a few more min. Is anyone else having this problem, where it just freaks out?????????? I called ATT and they did a hard reset, and it lasted for about 5 min and went back to freaking out. For the money paid for this phone I don't think this is the quality I should have received. 

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Okay, I truly love this phone so much more than my old iPhone, but I've been having strange problems with it lately.


1) My music player has been closing when opening the web browser? It just started happening recently, not exactly sure why, but I would like to listen to music and surf the web at the same time. :/ Also, it's always pausing in the middle of my songs? Not sure why? But I love my music. I think I'll start listening to my iPod again.

2) I probably text way more than I should, but I like to keep a record of my text messages and removed the "limit text messages" option. One night I received anonymous text message saying "jp." Once I opened it, all 5000+ of my text messages prior to that one deleted.

3) My phone doesn't vibrate when it rings for phone calls or text messages unless it's on vibration mode. I have it set that it should even when the volume is up, but it never did. I was wondering if it was just my phone?

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

I purchased the Captivate on 8-27 of last month.  As everyone has previously stated, the Screen is awesome.  Here are the issues I have been having:


1. I live in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado therefore we are on the Edge Network.

2. Email - Cannot download mail with getting "Connection Error" over the Edge Network(Wi-Fi works fine)

3. MMS Messaging, I cannot send a pic via MMS(Text) over the Edge Network, even if I have the cam at 0.3Mb 640x480, it will say sending for about an hour then I will get a msg stating "Failed".  AT&T states this is a Samsung Problem, Samsung states it only works on 3G??  Message Boards state this is an issue all around.  But considering I live about 4 hrs from any 3G Network this is no help.

4. GPS as everyone has stated will not lock at all so the options of getting directions from somewhere to somewhere else is worthless.

5. Phone did a massive meltdown today, was talking to someone, phone shut off.  When I turned it back on, all photos/Apps/Contacts/Email everything was gone, it was like it did a full factory reset.


This phone would probably be awesome in a 3G Network area but since we live in an Edge Area with no future date of 3G coming to our area it is worthless to have here. I was told this phone was "Flash Compatible" only to find out it does not support any type of Flash with no dates(that I can find) for a patch for this.


I am in my 30 day "No Remorse" period so I am heading back with the Apple I believe.  I purchased the iPhone4 for my wife and it works fine here with no issues so I guess back to Apple I go.


PS YouTube takes forever to load, even on Wi-Fi.

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