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Samsung Captivate Problems


Samsung Captivate Problems

Trying Captivate after being Iphone user. Have done two factory resets. Besides the GPS not locking, slow to lock, and lossing lock, my biggest complaints are: 1) Slow screen scrolling 2) Yahoo mail app freezes or won't load at all. Yes have tried uninstall and reinstall. I wish email app on bottom bar would let you put in multiple email accounts. I have 2 and 1 gmail. 3) When holding phone in 1 hand and turning on or off, I have trouble NOT hitting the volume buttons. 4) When phone is in pocket, and slightest pressure is on any external buttons, the phone won't ring. It's the same as if you pressed button on incomming call to mute ringtone. 5) Sometimes if phone is off and want to turn on, holding power button does nothing. Will repeat several times until it finally turns on. 6) Settings, About Phone, System Tutorial, Begin button went to program once. Now nothing. This is even after factory reset. 7) Touch screen calibration seems to be off. Maybe only a few mm. But that enough to hit wrong icon. or url. There are more, but I will keep post short.


This complaint is petty, but it drives me nuts. Time on Splash screen. 24hr ( Military ) or 12 hr. I have set to 12 hr. Instead of saying 1:37pm, the clock will say 01:37pm. Come on Samsung. Get rid of the zero before the 1. Military would be 13:37.




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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Anyone else have these issues?

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Mine bricked itself after 13 days which was good as it saved me the restocking fee.  It shutdown and when you would press the power button it just gave one of those little spinning 'working' icons but would not start.


My complaints were:


- Randomly would lose Exchange email settings

- Battery would last about 9 hours before it would ask me to charge it

- Lots of lag in screens and apps.  Phone was unusable if it was media scanning or installing an app.

- Random shutdowns

- Sometimes couldn't hang up a call then could not shutdown, requiring pulling the battery

- GPS didn't work

- No animated GIFs on the web (I could never figure this one out)


Shame really, the screen was gorgeous.  I bought first in line on release day... I'll know better next time.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Additional thoughts...


I had no media on it so I have no idea why the media scanning would take ~10 minutes of making the phone unsable


I've had to change all my passwords at work, gmail, etc because when the phone bricked there was no way to wipe the data.  That really concerned me.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Mine goes through 2 cycles of Media Scanning. Scanning and Complete. It did take longer when I had MicroSD card in. But even without SD card, your right almost impossible to swipe splash screen and get to Main Menu.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

IPhone 4 on the 24th of June. Lasted 23 days. Exchanged for another 4, and it lasted 2 days. Hardware error. Now Samsung Captivate 8 days old and have all your software issues and then my own. Plus it seems like another hardware issue. Dang. Maybe I'll go back to my 1988 Motorola 810. ( Ha Ha )

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

I had no SD card in mine because I'm just not big into the music listening stuff, mostly wanted mobile email/web and a decent camera.


Speaking of, very disappointed with the camera too.  My kids have the Samsung Solstice and they take much better photos.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Mteator nails it. How do I brick mine so I own't get charged to reutrn this clearly defective phone? Samsung has acknowledged in an email to me that the GPS has problems for US users and they are working on a fix, but that probably won't happen before my 30 days are up, and no one at samsung or ATT will acknowledge to me yet the issue with Exchange Mail losing my settings periodically. The remainder of your issues I have not seen or don't bother me (there are ways to minimize battery drag on this -- kill the animated wallpaper for one). HOW CAN A COMPANY ISSUE SUCH A POORLY TESTED PRODUCT LIKE THIS?

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

I got my Samsung Galaxy S phone (AT&T Captivate) 2 days ago and had this problem. The problem seem to be in how AT&T programmed some settings in the phone, not the phone itself. I got the problem fixed by doing the following.

Step 1. Go to 'Settings', choose 'Location & Security', uncheck "Use Wireless Networks".
Step 2. Open the dialer (the green phone button) and enter the following: *#*#1472365#*#* . Doing this will get you to a menu which allows you to change the default GPS setting programmed by AT&T.
?Step 3 In the LbsTestMode menue, go to 'SUPL/CP Settings' and change the 'SUPL Secure Socket' to OFF. (This alone seem to improve the speed of GPS locking.)
Step 4 In the LBSTestMode menu, find ?SUPL/CP Settings? and change the SERVER & PORT to and port 7276 (DO NOT use www. in front of supl !) => I'm not sure if this really did anything. This was commonly suggested by other people who claimed that this fixed the problem. It looks like the original default setting which uses SERVER '' and PORT '7275' seem to work fine or choosing the 'Server FQDN Type' to Auto Config seem to work also. I personally believe that all three works fine. You can try to play with this setting.
Step 5 In the LBSTestMode menu, find 'Application Settings' and Change the Operation Mode to MS Based. This allows the phone to use combination of GPS signal and location data from network instead of GPS only. This should help to speed up locking.
Step 6. Turn off the phone and reboot the phone.
Step 7 Go to settings > Location & Security. Re Check the box next to "Use Wireless Networks"

With all of the above, my phone sees more satellites, locks quickly, and looks very accurate. Google MAP, Google Earth, and Google Navigation all worked fine even when I was driving in my car.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Your average user should not (and will not) go through (or even understand) all of this "fix" stuff... This all amounts to making excuses -- Samsung screwed royally, period (Yes, just as Apple did with the iPhone 4).


Return this generally worthless phone (with the VERY pretty screen display) and get a different model (obviously, NOT a Samsung).


By the way...  Need REALLY good GPS tracking?  Go with an IPhone (3GS, of course Smiley Happy

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Exactly... (and he didn't even mention the GPS tracking issue!)  This phone sucks, period --- Very pretty , but downright unusable --- mine is going right back to AT&T.   Well, back to iPhone (3GS)... it WORKS... everywhere, period.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Average user shouldn't have to spend endless hours trying to fix a brand new smartphone. Mine is going back. Samsung clearly did little or no testing on this phone. Back to my Blackberry.


Is the iphone 3gs really better than the iphone 4--despite all the 4's bad press?

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

It would seem that users are having to spend hours fixing the brand new iPhone 4 as well.  And Apple had their own set of issues when their iPhone first arrived on the market a few years ago (and users paid over $500 each for the phone).  Apple crippled my 3GS when iOS4 came out because the battery suddently needed to be charged multiple times a day, and they don't support reverting back to an earlier software version. So I turned it into an iPod (or iPhod) by removing the sim card and putting it in airplane mode, and now the battery is back to normal.


To replace my phone, I decided to vote with my dollar and support a company I can trust. I have had Samsung dumbphones in the past, and have a Samsung monitor, and a Samsung HDTV (yeah, I have Samsung screens on my desk, on my wall and in my pocket).  And besides having another locked-down iDevice, I chose the similar, yet so much more freeing Captivate on launch day. 


I find myself going in and out of GPS coverage.  It doesn't lock on in my house, but that's ok, because 1) Google shows my location based on the wireless networks, and 2) My house is the last place that I need GPS to work.  It worked fine on the interstate last week on a trip I was on, much to my delight.  It was a hurdle to get past wanting to use and being used to my iPhod, but I had the same feeling when I left my Windows Mobile phone of 4 years for the iPhone.  Now when I do use the iPhod, I find myself trying to use the menu and back buttons at the bottom of the screen, only to realize there aren't any on it.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

You can have multiple email addresses in the mail Email folder on the captivate.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Problems

Yes you can, and the GPS works just fine too. I've used google maps, the navigator portion of google maps, golf gps apps, I have 3 pop emails syncing flawlessly, my battery lasts way longer than the 3gs...I can keep going  on and on and on about how great this phone is. If you have problems with the phone, you will have problems with any phone you get. It amazes me how people can say Samsung didn't test the product, maybe you people just aren't smart enough to use a smart phone.

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