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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!



I updated my Captivate Glide to the Androd 4.0 version via the official ATT/Samsung directions found here: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/SupportOwnersFAQPopup.do?faq_id=FAQ00048593&fm_seq=53023

However, after I successfully updated my phone, I have noticed some weird bugs. First off (and the most major one), THE KEYBOARD DOESN'T LIGHT UP... That's a big bummer, does anyone know how to fix it? And also, the phone seems to lag at times when scrolling or just navigating web pages... That's just a minor issue though. But does anyone have a SOLUTION for the backligh on the keyboard not working? ATT/Samsung fix the problem please!!!!



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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

Thanks! I guess I'll play the waiting game....(but all the duplicate texts--sometimes over 100, may have me flashing back to gingerbread soon)

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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

Emailed support about the update and got the following response:


Effective November 8, 2012, a software update for the Samsung Captivate Glide is available to AT&T customers, via cellular or Wi-Fi, who previously upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) (OS 4.04, Baseband version: I927UCLH2).


Included in Update:

• Fixes the backlight of the physical keyboard that resulted from ICS, Baseband version: I927UCLH2.

o The update was only available from September 7, 2012, through September 12, 2012, and was accepted by a limited number of customers.

o Currently when the physical (QWERTY) keyboard is opened, the backlight may not illuminate for customers who downloaded that version of ICS. This update corrects it.

• Google applications such as Gmail, Maps, Play, Books, etc., may be updated to the current versions.


Please follow the steps below to download the update:


1. Tap Menu (or the Applications icon from the Home Screen).

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap Software Update.

4. Tap Check for Updates.

5. Message Displays: The software update process does not delete any personal data on your phone. Check the AT&T server for new software update?

6. Tap OK.

o The download for the software update will begin in a moment. The software download may take several minutes.

7. Message Displays: A new software update from AT&T is available for your device. This software update will take several minutes and will not delete any personal data on your device. All services (including emergency calls) will be suspended during the install.

8. Tap Continue.

o The device automatically restarts once the new software has successfully downloaded.

o Status Message: Update complete. The software has been successfully installed. Your device is now ready to use.


Although the instructions on how to get to the software update page was not accurate, at least for me, I am currently attempting to update. I am getting the message that an update is available, but the servers are busy, but my phone will keep trying until successful. I hope this is helpful to others!



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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!



ress the lock/power button and the home screen button at the same time. You just have to press and hold both buttons. It takes about 2 seconds now, as it used to be almost instant.



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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

So unfortunately I fell for the ICS update as well.

I have no problems with the phone other than the phone telling me the battery is "critically low" and shuts down at random itervals. This is regardless of how much charge the battery actually has. This typically happens at about 60% battery level left. The second I plug the phone into a charger, the phone will turn back on.

Things I've tried to fix this: factory resetting twice, clearing the cache partition twice, and re-installing ICS once....to no avail.

Did anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

I am wondering if it is now safe to try to update my OS. I have read through the comments in this section and am still unsure if I should try it on my captivate glide. Is there a way to back up the data on my phone (and games) before I try it? I know it says it won't hurt our personal data, but I'm cautious. I've seen the iOS updates brick hubby's phone more than once.
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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

Let me warn you now, like I wish I had been warned before I upgraded my Galaxy S2.  I didn't lose anything on the upgrade from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3, at least not the first time.  But my upgrade fixed a few issues and created a few others.  Basically, I didn't feel I got much from the effort, despite my initial high interest/expectations.  What I finally did was opt to go to an AT&T "Device Store" (not the usual store, and 25 miles away) to to a full wipe and reinstall of 4.0.3.  Now, in advance of doing that, I used "My Backup" from rerware.com to backup all my stuff.  Or so I thought.  Here's the part I missed:  Unless you root your phone, it WON'T BACKUP app *DATA* for most apps!!!!!  It works only for "supported" 3rd party apps, which didn't cover enough.


You can also try donation-ware MyPhoneExplorer, which I use to sync my calendar/contacts/todo with Outlook.  (I don't like to sync things with Google.)  It also claims to have a backup capability.  I've started using it recently and it LOOKS LIKE it's getting pretty much all the folder structure to include 3rd party folders, but I have not yet tried to restore anything, so I cannot vouch for it for that purpose.


In any event, I'd suggest you spend an hour thinking carefully about every app that has data you value.  Be sure you know its status, so far as your backup is concerned.  I believe it will be time well spent and will save you frustration later.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

Thank you for this!


This is exactly what has been suggested to me--to go to a ATT store 30 miles away to do the exact same thing. Were all the problems fixed? The data in the 3rd party apps is something I have been concerned about. I also have the rerware backup software, which I used when I upgraded the last time and had to reset. I seem to recall it worked fine, but I guess I will have to re-download the app before I can re-install data? I'm not really literate in a lot of these functions, but am getting tired of these issues and haven't yet done this because I don't have the time or patience right now to deal with it (or the brain power...)

I do have family coming for Christmas who have offered to root the phone, and flash it back to gingerbread, as per instructions on XDA developers. But same family member also told me about the ATT repair center option. Oh, what to do????


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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

I'm having the same problem, but it doesn't matter what level my battery is at.  Took it off the charger this morning, opened my internet browser, and within 30 seconds it told me battery critically low...shut down, plugged it back in and it had 97% battery.  It's happened at all sorts of random times.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

Welp-did another factory reset and most problems seem to be gone. (Still can't screen capture however.) I guess the moral to the story is, whenever there is a software update, even if it is just a "fix" to a previous version,  do a factory reset. Lost data from 1 app--which I won't lose again, because I purchased the full version which has a good backup now. Got a Galaxy Tab for Christmas, so I won't be bailing for an iphone anytime soon...


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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

Be sure about your data backup, even with the "Pro" version you purchased.  I'm still not sure it can back up all your 3rd party apps unless you've rooted it.  I just suggest you double-check.


As for my Galaxy S2, most of my problems went away after the service center wiped and reloaded 4.0.3.  But I had the 4.0.4 version thrust upon me a few days ago and my initial impression is that my battery life is worse than before.


I've also experienced one "sleep of death" where the phone won't come out of sleep and I had to pull the battery.  But I had that occasionally under 4.0.3 as well.

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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

Unfortunately, Samsung has a long way to go to compete with Apple as far as customer service. Everyone I know with an iphone has had excellent help with customer service--I've been told their genius bar is 2nd to none. 10 out of 11 people in my immediate family are iphone users--I just had to be different...

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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

I just got a Captivate Glide a couple of weeks ago and am trying to decide whether to keep it. I did the 4.0 update and am seeing some of the same problems. I only have until Wed. to make the decision. I love the slideout keyboard, but maybe I should get the Motorola ATRX instead. Any suggestions?

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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

I still love the glide--but would have advised you NOT to update. No problems until the update.
I still get multiple texts and am planning on visiting an ATT repair center this weekend to get a "clean" install and reset. Screen capture still doesn't work. But I still don't think I would switch to another phone--I really like the keyboard. Hopefully the clean install will take care of the problems I have.
Can't really advise you on what you should do however...

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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

I did the update and now my email will not refresh every 15 minutes like set. Also it will not give me any notification when there is mail, on the home screen or sound. Sometimes I'll get 4 or 5 text messages of the same message. My wife has the same phone with the update and hers is fine. Would the factory reset fix this? Does the factory reset wipe everything out? Never had to do this before?
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Re: Samsung Captivate Glide Update PROBLEM!

I would suggest first to reset it yourself. I did go to an ATT repair center, it didn't fix the problem. I did lose some data from 3rd party apps, but mostly my fault because I didn't back up properly.
Here is a good thread about the problem I had:

I installed the wake_lock app and the major problem is solved. It's a shame that a 3rd party app is used to fix a problem Samsung should be able to fix.

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