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Samsung Android Amber Alerts


Samsung Android Amber Alerts

My wife received several Amber Alerts on her phone yesterday. From what I've found it is some sort of national alert system.


I haven't been able to find a way to disable the alerts on this phone. Anyone know how to get to the alert settings?


The phone is a Samsung Android.

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Re: Samsung Android Amber Alerts

I have also had 6 different Amber alerts on my samsung galaxy phone since yesterday. There was apparently an Amber alert yesterday in our area but it was called off in a couple of hours. So I don't know why I got so many and why I am still getting them today ( I've gotten 4 since midnight). This wouldn't be so bad if each alert didn't also come with a loud blaring siren/ klaxon alert. The one that went off at 2:47AM this morning was particularly disturbing. If this keeps on it will render my phone useless, as I keep turning it off so it won't start blaring at a really inappropriate time.

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Re: Samsung Android Amber Alerts

That is what's happening to us. I don't mind the original but the fact they keep coming is getting annoying!
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