SSH ConnectBot Samsung Galaxy S3 not connecting


SSH ConnectBot Samsung Galaxy S3 not connecting

I haven't used ConnectBot to connect trough SSH for a while. Today I tested it again, no problem over WIFI trough DSL, but after I turn off WIFI and the 4G Signal shows up, I am not able to connect anymore.

Has SSH been deactivated from AT&T Network or is there a problem on my device.


Thanks for any info.

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Re: SSH ConnectBot Samsung Galaxy S3 not connecting

interested to hear an answer on this

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Re: SSH ConnectBot Samsung Galaxy S3 not connecting

connectBot works fine with mobile data.

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Re: SSH ConnectBot Samsung Galaxy S3 not connecting

I never had any issues with ConnectBot. I do however prefer BTEP.

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Re: SSH ConnectBot Samsung Galaxy S3 not connecting

Having the same problem with my htc inspire 4g. I have also tried using the hotspot with my laptop and I am unable to ssh using putty there too. Everything works fine when on my home wi-fi though. It definitely seems they are blocking port 22.

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Re: SSH ConnectBot Samsung Galaxy S3 not connecting

Just tried another machine running on a non-standard ssh port and that too can not be connected to either.

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Re: SSH ConnectBot Samsung Galaxy S3 not connecting

Support is absolutely awful too!! Contacted them a few minutes ago and went round and round with some woman there that wouldnt read what i told her and then ends up disconnecting me after making me wait a few minutes for a manager. I am about to drop all 3 phones I have with at&t and go back to verizon if this is how they support their customers. At least with verizon i had better signal coverage.

Thank you for your patience! Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.
Welcome! You are now chatting with 'Rodney Groce'

Rodney Groce: Good morning, ****, and thanks for chatting with AT&T. My name is Rodney, and we'll be happy to help you out today.
You: hello rodney... i am having problems (and have been for a while now) connecting through my phone to ssh
Rodney Groce: Ssh?
You: yes ssh
its acting like port 22 is blocked
Rodney Groce: Okay. For something like this, I'd need to get you in touch with the next tier of Tech Support. Would that be okay, John?
You: sure
CSR: Alright, one moment.
One moment while I transfer this chat to a representative that is better skilled to handle your concern.

Welcome! You are now chatting with 'Deborah Clark'

Deborah Clark: Thank you for choosing AT&T wireless technical chat. 
May I please have the 10 digit wireless number I will be working with please.
You: hello deborah its **********
Deborah Clark: Thank you, I will need the name of the account holder, along with the last 4 digits of their social security number please.
You: ********
Deborah Clark: How can I help you today, Ms. ****?
You: i need port 22 unblocked
and possibly a couple of others'
Deborah Clark: I do not understand what you mean by that I amsorry.
What exactly are you trying to do with this phone?
You: i am unable to ssh using connectbot from my phone, also unable to ssh from my laptop while using phone as
its acting like the port is blocked
i was able to do this at one time but have been having trouble with this for a while now
Deborah Clark: Where is this port in the phone or the computer?
You: internet port tcp 22
Deborah Clark: Where is this port in the phone or the computer?
You: its an internet port... its not on the phone or computer!
perhaps firewall is blocking it?
Deborah Clark: All I can do if send you a link on how to connect to the hotspot, I unfortunately have nothing I can do with an internet port, I am sorry.
You: fine send me up the chain to next level up
someone who deals with internet
Deborah Clark: We do not deal with your home internet, you will need to contact them.
I am very sorry, I cannot assist with this issue, Mr. ****.
You: this is nothing to do with home internet! this is using my phone as a hotspot...
i know how to do this
i run a computer and internet security business
Deborah Clark: I will you the link tell me how far you get.
You: what??
Deborah Clark: click here
You: oh my lord really???
are you listening to me???
i know how to connect to the hotspot... i use it all the time... im using it now to talk to you!!
Deborah Clark: Yes Mr. Bage, okay then this is all we can do , I have no information on internet ports, I am very sorry.
This is a question for your internet provider.
You: yes it is... at&t is my internet provider through my telephone!!
arent you with at&t??
Deborah Clark: I am with AT&T wireless, I do not have any access to your home AT&T, they can be reached at 1 800 288 2020.
You: i am not at home and i do not have a problem with my home internet!!
this is internet through my PHONE
Deborah Clark: Mr. Bage if you can set up your hotspot on the phone, that is really all I have instructions on. As for these ports, this is an wired internet issue, not wireless, I am very sorry.
You: its obvious that you cant help me
however this is wireless as it is internet through my phone
Deborah Clark: No I am very sorry, I cannot.
You: not wired as it is connect though the mobile broadband
therefore it is not wired, its wireless through at&t wireless
that is why i am here
not over at uverse support
like i said its obvious that you can not help me so send me on up the chain to next level of support for at&t
wireless service
i understand you may not know what I am referring to, thats not your fault however if you read what i typed
you will see that this is a wireless internet problem
Deborah Clark: Mr. ****, I am very sorry, if you are connected to me via the hotpsot then we know it works,'
I do not have any information on port 22 is blocked, nor any firewalls you may or may not have set up. I am very sorry.
You: exactly basic internet over port 80 works... it has nothing to do with any firewall i have set up,
at&t runs a firewall too
please send up to next level of support
Deborah Clark: If AT&T is your home internet then you can reach them at 1 800 288 2020, my manger will not have any access to firewall information for them either.
You: really you going there again???
i dont have time to go round and round with you over the same thing
so please send up to next level of support
Deborah Clark: I understand I need a few minute to get a manager.

Your session has ended. You can close this window.



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Re: SSH ConnectBot Samsung Galaxy S3 not connecting

Made a 2nd attempt to the chat, apparently got someone right off the bat that knew what to do... its unblocked and working for the moment anyway. I guess time will tell.

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