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S4 Active Phone calls


S4 Active Phone calls

I bought galaxy s4 active in august 2013 from an at&t store. Today, I can make and recieve phone calls but I can't hear anybody on the other side. I can't even hear the ringing tone. HELP PLEASE

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: S4 Active Phone calls

Hello @1995mvs 


So no sounds come out of your speakers at all? Have you tried resetting your phone yet by removing the battery? If that doesn't help, you might have to do a factory reset just to be sure and if it's still not working after that, a warranty replacement.




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Re: S4 Active Phone calls

Thanks. Worked. I removed the battery and reset my phone.
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Re: S4 Active Phone calls



I bought this phone in Oct 2013 and since then i changed my phone more than 6 times and with phone i also changed battery and sim 3-4 times. and i had same issue, first it was no voice and now when i call someone or if someone call me i cant hear anything at all. i talk to manager, supervisor and also technical manager and they all change my phone everytime. i told them dont give me a crapy phone and please replace my phone with some other brand and they says we can not do that we can always replace your device with same brand and model. i tried to reach every other person in ATT and everytime you have to explain it to everybody.  This is pain for me from last 4-5 months since i bought this phone and i always have hang out on phone with customer care for atleast 1 or 2 hours to resolve this issue. i also told them to discontinue this product since lot of people have this issue that means there is something wrong in Samsung production which is not quite right for this application.


Please try to reach me if anyone here have same issue so we can reach our voice to [Please keep it courteous] people in ATT.

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Re: S4 Active Phone calls

Crapysamsung wrote:



 i also told them to discontinue this product since lot of people have this issue 

They aren't going to "discontinue" the product because you told them to.  It doesn't work that way.  The internet can also be deceptive, in giving the impression that a particular issue is "common".  How many complaints have you actually seen, compared to the thousands of these devices that have been sold?  Remember that folks usually only go online when they have an issue; and that doesn't represent the thousands of other folks have have NOT had the issue (folks usually don't go online when everything works the way its supposed to just to say "everything is ok!").

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