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S3 MMS come through anonymous/message not found


S3 MMS come through anonymous/message not found

When someone sends me a picture it comes through as anonymous sender and in the message itself "message not found". This happens whether its from an iphone user or an android user more than 50% of the time. I have already unregistered my old iphone, tried sms apps (they freeze or crash), tried suggestions on the 3 whole google hits I found with the same issue, and compared my settings to my husband's s3 (He rarely has this happen) none have fixed the issue. Any ideas/suggestions before I give up and just reset the phone, start from scratch and pray it works? Thanks!
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Re: S3 MMS come through anonymous/message not found

the fix for this is to disable the AT&T messenger app. go to settings on your android, manage applications > all > at&T messenger > force stop > disable

Also delete the anonymous message thread
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