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Replacement device wrongful charge


Replacement device wrongful charge

We bought a phone from at&t few months ago. The phone is still under 1 year warrant. Few weeks ago the phone got hot up to the point where we got burned from it. We called at&t from out of town and ordered the replacement device under warranty conditions. When we received the device via postal service it was in good condition from outside but we had charging issues from day 1. By end of 2nd week it got to the point where the phone just stopped charging and died. At this point I was still out of town and went to one of the at&t stores to get it replaced. The at&t rep checked the phone and said he couldn't find any physical damage outside the phone and told us that they do not have replacement service at the store and we have to get the phone again via postal mail. So when we returned back home next day and ordered replacement device for overnight delivery. We received the phone and sent back the second replacement device back. Now today at&t sent that device back to us stating it is damaged from inside right by the charger pin. At&t is now charging half the price for the damaged device that we did not damage and full price for my original device. Why would I pay for the damaged device that I did not damage? We don't push the charger in the phones it doesn't fit (at&t is telling us we might have pushed the pin and damaged the phone). Isn't this call a fraud per code of ethics to charge the customer wrongfully? I am totally not satisfied with at&t and if they still charge us for the device I will not pay a single penny because it was not my fault. I have never done nonpayment and have excellent credit history. But in this case I will fight for the justice and not make any payment.

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Re: Replacement device wrongful charge

When you sent back the 2nd phone, had you notified the replacement service that their replacement phone was broken when it arrived?
Have you called them?
Remember this is a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand (not to mention fingers, thumb) is doing.
I'm sure once you call and a human looks at the history and you explain the replacement didn't work from day one (stick with a simple story - it didn't charge - don't water that statement down with details)
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Re: Replacement device wrongful charge

I would agree to just call AT&T warranty department and explain the situation.  Its hard for them to argue you damaged the device in the 1-2 weeks you owned it, when it was a refurb to begin with, and the former owner could have damaged it.  If they put up an argument, just push back harder.  Tell them you are just an honest customer tyring to get a defective device replaced; longtime customer and/or multipe lines (if applicable);  you are going to take you business elsewhere, etc.

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