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Recent Skyrocket update is bad news.


Recent Skyrocket update is bad news.

With the recent Skyrocket update I got over the weekend, I noticed more negatives than positives.



  1. It makes Facebook unable to be de-installed
  2. Disables Samgsung Kies from updating the firmware/software
  3. All bloatware you disabled is back and wanting updates.



  1. <crickets> 


I am seriously thinking of Factory Resetting my phone and only allowing updates from Samsung Kies and ignoring the AT&T updates.


I don't want to root my phone, but if AT&T wants to lock it out from future updates like if Samgsung releases Jelly Bean for the Skyrocket and AT&T disables that, I may root my phone.

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Re: Recent Skyrocket update is bad news.

I noticed that too!  Is there any way to uninstall the bloatware with the new update?  I noticed my phone still said Android 4.0.4, like before the update though

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