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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.


Phone keeps rebooting.

My Atrix phone keeps rebooting. Does anyone have the same problem ?

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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

My Atrix keeps rebooting also.  For a short time today I could not make or receive calls.  What's going on?? 

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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

My HTC ARIA in Montana/Great Falls started doing this once I arrived back to Great Falls.. I suspect system issue, cannot find fix online or at store.. deleted all new and many old apps, did not do a master reset.. store associate suspects system but cannot confirm..  acts like a virus,  i am trying other batteries in case it is a fluctuation.. VERY annoying, not sure whether phone is dying and I need a new one. deleted all cached internet, freed up memory, etc.. deleted FB, and my zynga words with friends had been crashing constantly too, so I deleted it.. still have issue, help, any ideas??

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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

Various issues can cause spontaneous reboots, so its impossible to know the exact cause.  Factory reset is a good start, as is a new battery.  But can also be a hardware fault (bad board, overheating, etc.).  If the problem persists after a factory reset, I would consider a warranty replacement/repair.

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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

CZAR, thanks.. just tried another battery-- not the issue. Store issued me a new SIM card.. not the issue.. Am traveling back to SLC tomorrow, will wait to see if it re occurs there, since it started just after landing in Montana. If a reset does not work following a reoccurence, I need to choose a new phone, e.g., do i become an iphone guy, windows based, or stick with droid-- have not BEGUN to research that stuff-- GEEZ..

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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

Download this app to back up your phone, then do a factory reset. 

To retain your info use this app called Android sync manager
wifi agent. Make sure your somewhere that has wifi that your phone
and computer can connect to with full access. If you are having
trouble. All the mcdonalds and starbucks have wifi that is free bcus
att pays them to provide it. Then go to the app and choose help.
This will tell you what website to go to to connect the devices. it
will download the desktop manager automatically. Then open the
manager and choose file> Backup. Once they are finished do the
master reset. The phone will reboot by itself. Then sign into gmail
on the device when it asks you to sign in or create one. then
android market and go to my apps. it can be found in the menu page
when in the market. find the android sync manager and redownload anf
open. When the phone says connected go back to file and choose
restore. Everything That was on the phone will be back and the
freezing issue will stop.


A factory reset info is here http://www.atrixforums.com/forum/motorola-atrix-help/7721-motorolla-atrix-keeps-rebooting.html


more device tutorials


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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

@bwchapd wrote:

If a reset does not work following a reoccurence, I need to choose a new phone, e.g., do i become an iphone guy, windows based, or stick with droid-- have not BEGUN to research that stuff-- GEEZ..

Don't give up on Android just because of a random defect in one device.  All phones have defects. 

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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

I have a Skyrocket and Ive never had problems will about a week ago when I noticed a few reboots through the day usually around 1-2. The camera is now starting to crash more often. 



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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

New sim card seems to have resolved my issue.



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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

It's been a month and I have been traveling. The rebooting happens in Montana, Idaho, Utah, Washington and Oregon. While in California and Nevada it NEVER happened. When I cross into the state line of Idaho from Nevada it happened as soon as I crossed the state line, and when I crossed into Oregon from California it happened just as I crossed the state line, and then repeatedly and often. I downloaded the2.2 OS yesterday from HTC-- still happens.. to me, it is a network issue. AT&T  technical support is stumped, they just say replace device.  The master reset is still a final option, although I will say that the new OS virtually wiped the phone to factory anyway.. I don't have much hope it would work either, especially since it is clearly a network/tower issue of sorts, in my humble opinion... I emailed HTC also today..

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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

My Galaxy Nexus used to reboot on its own and it was so baffling, but I figured it out!

I was using the app "Juice Defender" which was a battery saving app, and that was causing my phone to restart...maybe there is app running in the background that is taking up a lot of ram or memory which is causing your phone to do that
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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

I had this issue for the past couple of days. The first day, it rebooted itself about every 2-3 hours, but yesterday it was happening once or more an hour.


Last night, I opened it up to see if I could find something loose or any signs of damage. It looked fine. However, even though it has not been in contact with water, I decided to see if letting it air out would help.


So, I tool the SIM card, memory card and battery out and sat itl, inside up, on a flat surface and let a fan blow on it all night - about 9 hours.


This morning, I put everything back together around 7:00 a.m. It's now 3:30 p.m. and it has not rebooted once!

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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

I have heard from other forums that juice defender causing issues, so it may be a battery app causing reboots. Just an idea...
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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

I had a Samsung Solstice 2 quick messaging phone that rebooted on my twice earlier this year when I went to visit family out of state.  When I came back home, the issue stopped.

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Re: Phone keeps rebooting.

Usually this happens when there is too much memory being overused used, the phone would restart itself to clean up memory (It happened on my GS2)...check and see what app is taking the most memory and kill it or stop it from automatically running if you dont need it


You can check from Settings -> Application Manager - Running


I found out that a certain app was causing it to restart so I uninstalled it and my phone never restarted again



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