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Pantech flex Jellybean

Pantech flex Jellybean


Am curious if there is a planned update to jellybean for the Pantech flex. And if there is, is there some sort of a timetable? 

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Re: Pantech flex Jellybean

We all have to wait for Pantech and ATT to develop / fix their bloatware (oohhh... i mean their custom software ... nah .... bloatware is right!) ready for release on Google play. Basic JB is already out ... and the drivers are already available for ICS! The only other reason maybe ... to promote their new models to be sold with JB .... as adding JB update to an older gen model(s) (relatively older) may reduce profit for the newer models? Other way to get JB update -> Root and install custom ROM. (Please check xda website) Cheers!
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Re: Pantech flex Jellybean

Check it over the air..


It is available now..


I was also waiting for it...

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Re: Pantech flex Jellybean

YAY! Jelly Bean Update/Upgrade from ICS.


Just Finished the update.


BTW, BLOATWARE still exits! No option to Uninstall AT&T (Junk) Apps!!


It's a welcome step from my end Smiley Happy

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Re: Pantech flex Jellybean

Hey dealerloot ...


How you got it ?


When I check for update it always alerts server unavailable..


I really want jelly bean ...

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