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Pantech Burst Battery/Charging issues


Pantech Burst Battery/Charging issues

I am surprised that no one else has posted issues with this....

My first Pantech Burst did not seem to hold a charge very long - 36 hours tops - and I wasn't even using the phone much. Tech reps all insisted this was "normal".  It only took a couple of weeks before phone stopped charging altogether.

AT&T sent me a replacement charger - but since I suspected it was the phone I stopped by an AT&T store and they verified it was NOT the charger.

I was sent a new phone.

Worked like a dream - hel the charge for 2-3 days.. until this morning.

Same problem - plug it in charger and ...NOTHING!


This time they are just sending me a replacement battery.

I am thinking that they have a warehouse full of bad phones and batteries that they keep sending me!

But in the meantime - I have no phone again.

Any one else have this problem, and how did you see it resolved?

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Re: Pantech Burst Battery/Charging issues

You need to contact regarding this issue, so that they can investigate into why it is happening. The battery was the manufacturer battery, no third party battery, correct? How long have you had the phone?
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Re: Pantech Burst Battery/Charging issues

First phone was maybe about 2 months.

This second phone about 2 months or less.

No third party equipment - all direct from AT&T

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Re: Pantech Burst Battery/Charging issues

Let know what happened, so that they can look into the issue.
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Re: Pantech Burst Battery/Charging issues

Might just be a defective batch of batteries or phones.  It happens.

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Re: Pantech Burst Battery/Charging issues

I realize this thread is two years old but I just want to point out that the circuitry in the pantech burst in particular doesn't allow the phone to realize there is a battery at all when the battery runs down to zero. Just bought this phone again... Had it a few years ago and remember it being amazing. Did not have this problem at all back then. So one fix is to chop open a usb charger. There's a red positive wire and a black negative. Also a green and white. Put the green and white aside that's for data transfer. On your battery is a plus symbol and a minus. Secure the red to the metal by the plus sign. And the black to the metal by the minus. Plug it into the wall and wait a while. After it picks up a decent charge your phone will recognize your battery and the normal charger will work again.
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