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PTT on Galaxy Note 2


PTT on Galaxy Note 2

Does anyone know if ATT is planning on expanding the device coverage for the PTT network. We currently use sprint and have nothing but issues in the fall it looks like my department is switching to ATT and I really would like to use the note 2 but it isn't compatable yet. Anyone? 

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Re: PTT on Galaxy Note 2

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Re: PTT on Galaxy Note 2

I don't know what AT&T's plans are for device expansion for the Enhanced Push-to-Talk service.  If this is something that is needed in this form for your job, I would suggest going with the Samsung Galaxy S III.  If you think that an app that offers push-to-talk would be good enough to get the job done for you, then this would give you more options as most Android phones can use an app to do push-to-talk.

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