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anyone know where i can find precise details on all porting procedures for att? question is ported original att number to another carrier, ported it back to att within the 59 day period, does my rate plan go back to what it was before i ported it out? like it was never gone, or merely suspended?....also does the day you port number back in start new contract? i think i already know the answers to both these questions, just like to here it from someone else, or link to an official att literature. many thanks in advance,

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Customers must port their number back to AT&T Mobility within 59 days of the disconnect date in order to be eligible for a port-associated reconnect. Numbers porting back to AT&T Mobility within 59 days of porting out must be reactivated on the original AT&T Mobility BAN.
Note: Former AT&T Mobility customers who disconnected and are non-porting must call 800-331-0500 to reconnect.

Customers with converted accounts, who have ported from AT&T Mobility and wish to port back, must activate an account with a new CSE rate plan and device.

Verified callers may reconnect service; the account holder is not required. Normal verification procedures should be followed.

Early termination fees, if applied at the time the customer ported out/disconnected service with AT&T Mobility, are waived.

There are no fees (activation fees, administrative fees, and so on) if the number ports back within 59 days of the disconnect date.

Credit checks for port-associated reconnects are based on existing credit. The existing credit class and deposit amount should be used.

Grandfathered rate plans and features can be re-instated at the customer's request, provided that it is still available in the billing system for selection; however, customers should be encouraged to choose from one of AT&T Mobility's currently available plans.

The customer's remaining contract term can be re-instated; however, the contact end date is extended by the length of time the customer was disconnected.

Customers may obtain new AT&T Mobility equipment, if desired or required. The customer does not have to use their previous wireless handset; however, if the customer does select a new handset, a rate plan change may be required. If it has been more than 59 days from the disconnect date when the customer ports back to AT&T Mobility, the customer is considered a new customer and is eligible to receive new customer pricing. If the customer ports back to AT&T Mobility within 59 days of the disconnect date, upgrade eligibility is based on the customer's eligibility status prior to porting out.
Customers requesting to port their number back to AT&T Mobility and reconnect service on numbers that were ported out from AT&T Mobility must call 888-898-7685.

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What department can I contact about porting my phone number from ATT to compact ,every department transfers me to some other department and no one can help

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