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I have a HTC one x & an HTC aria. I'm wanting to be able to switch between them with one sim card. But my main question is I put my husbands att card in my aria to see if it would work since its a regular sized sim card. But when I put it in, it detects all my contacts & everything but I can't pick up our att service. It is an active sim so card so what could be goin on, how can I fix it???
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Hi Kerimorris73,


Thank You for your Post.  Check out the link below for information on how to use a Sim Card in several different phones.  If this link doesn't prove helpful to you, Please send a Private Message to our AT&T CustomerCare Team by following the other link below.  Please include your name, email address, phone number, and the best time to be reached.  A Representative will contact you within 48 hours.  Thanks again for your Post.


Sim Cards


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What device does your husband have, and how old is the SIM?


Just one guess on what the problem is:  If its a newer device with LTE, it uses a different APN, and it might not work properly with an older phone (that does not LTE).


Why would you want to swap between a One X and a Aria?  The hardware on the Aria is obsolete to the point that a One X should make you not want to go near it anymore, lol.


If its carrying the larger One X that bothers you, don't worry.  You get used to the size in a hurry.  At least I did, and now much prefer it to smaller phones.  Just so much easier to read and navigate the touch screen on a larger device.

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