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Original Galaxy Note left in the dust...


Original Galaxy Note left in the dust...

     I bought the Note the day it came out!  Hoping it would be updated soon to Ice Cream Sandwich...  I wouldn't have bought it otherwise.  I came from the iPhone 3G.  WE waited 5 MONTHS for Ice Cream Sandwich even though it was out before...  Had to wait for Visual Voicemail too even though the AT&T sales rep thought it was included too.
     I know that there are Android Update problems and AT&T had a BIG problem before I got an Android Phone.  BUT PLEASE!!!  Could you get the updates out just A LITTLE faster!??  WE are still waiting for Jelly Bean with Note 2 Samsung Suite Package but so are the Note 2 people!  I would be SURPRISED if we get ANY new updates to the Original Note even though it's LESS THAN A YEAR OLD ON AT&T and that would be VERY disappointing...
     PLEASE delegate more time and cash to pushing out Android Updates to EXISTING PHONES.  I know more time is spent on new phones but AT&T will have less time to spend on new phones when their existing customers dump their AT&T contracts and phones IMMEDIATELY after their two years are up...

     Thank you for listening-  Ryan (a 10 year+, for now, customer)


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Re: Original Galaxy Note left in the dust...

I agree 100%. It's rediculous, The only reason I keep doing this to myself is i have a grandfathered unlimited data plan. Otherwise I'd potentially leave AT&T over this. If AT&T would be better about updates I'd have no real problem with them, but this is just plain stupid.

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Re: Original Galaxy Note left in the dust...

I don't think the JB will be released until the origianal note is OFF the market at the stores. Why would one buy a Note 2 if the Note has JB too? The Note 2 wouldn't be worth $150 more would it? So, with that in mind, I don't expect the JB until the original note goes off the market.

I got this news in my inbox last night:
So in the USA, I bet it is still months away.

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