Not satisfied with GSIII


Not satisfied with GSIII

I have a Galaxy SIII that I got in early September. Overall, I'm just not happy with it. Probably about once per week, anybody that I text just plain doesn't receive my text messages. Also, my phone on rare occasion sends a picture correctly, meaning it either just isn't received or it is received hours later. I have service and my 4G shows when I send these, but my pictures are rarely received when I send them, if they are even received at all. Another thing, which really is no big deal, is that if I am sent a text message more than 1 page, it is received completely out of order, not just in reverse order, but in no particular order at all. I still receive them, but it is just a pain to have to constantly put the pieces together. My phone also will restart for no apparent reason a few times per week. I don't know if I have a defective phone, or if these are common things on the SIII, but I am just not happy with it at all. Having it for 4 months, would it be too late to return this phone for another? What kind of fee would I be looking at to replace it with something else? I just really don't want to deal with this phone until it is time for my next upgrade. It's sad to say, but my 4 year old Blackberry curve was more reliable to me than this phone. Any input is greatly appreciate. Thanks for your time!

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Re: Not satisfied with GSIII

Sounds like a firmware issue. The phone is still under warranty, so you can exchange it for a refurbished model. Unfortunately, it's too late to exchange it for another phone. I'd suggest backing up your apps/data and doing a factory reset, as it will most likely remedy the issues you're having.

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Re: Not satisfied with GSIII

It took you 4 months to realize these things?  Phones can be exchanged for another model within the first 30 days.  After that, and within 1 year of purchase, you can get a replacement of the same model.


It sounds like its just a defective unit.  This can happen with any phone, Blackberry, Samsung or otherwise.  As suggested, try a factory reset.  And if that doesn't help, contact customer service and try a warranty replacement.

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