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Nooby question. Sim card and HTC first


Nooby question. Sim card and HTC first



So my mom has an HTC first, she also dropped it and thus cracked the screen pretty good, still operatable as the day it was first in her hand, but appeal wise, its not the sharpest looking phone.


I started doing some reasearch and what not and read somwhere that you can remove a thing called a Sim card from one phone and insert it into another. With this I am wanting to purchase another HTC first from Ebay or something and putt her Sim Card into the new one


Question is, will this actually work? if I get the exact same phone and putt her sim card in it, will it be exactly the same? Talking phone number wise.Plan wise, all things related to her ATT account? Also is this actually something ATT allows / other companies allow?

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Re: Nooby question. Sim card and HTC first

It should work fine.  The HTC First is AT&T exclusive, I believe.  But I'd still make sure the one you are buying was purchased from AT&T, and intended to work on the AT&T network (not a foreign version, etc.).  Subsidy lock (or SIM lock) should be the only thing preventing you from just swapping the SIM card; which is a non-issue if it was purchased from AT&T, it will already be SIM locked to their network.


The phone should have included a little metal tool to pop out the SIM tray.  Just poke the tool (or a paperclip) into the corresponding hole (look at the instructions if needed), and the SIM tray will come out.  Then just remove the SIM card,  insert the SIM into the new device, power on, and your mom should be good to go.

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Re: Nooby question. Sim card and HTC first

If you do purchase a different version make sure you factory unlocked it. Ir might cost you 20 to 40 $ extra
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Re: Nooby question. Sim card and HTC first

When buying carrier unbranded phones, always make sure that you confirm that the device will work on your current network. Many carriers will have different variants of the same phone, but they will all differ in which technologies and bands they use. For example, you will not get a Verizon phone to work on our network, but a TMo phone will in a limited capacity.

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Re: Nooby question. Sim card and HTC first

Hi there. Theres two things youll have to chech yeah the first one it if the phone you are going to buy is also an att phone, if not make sure that it has been unlocked for other network use, Second thing to do is to call att prepaid costumer care to have your sim card unlocked, without being unlocked it wont work for the new phone you will buy even if it is an att phone, 3 requirements for sim unlocking, the sim to be used on the other phone must be unlocked first on its original phone it was activated in , phone must power on, phone must have a signal for the sim unlock to proceed
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