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No split screen on my AT&T galaxy note 2


No split screen on my AT&T galaxy note 2


My post 

My friend has a verizon brand samsung galaxy note 2 and he showed me the split screen. It is a nice feature that was touted with the quad core processor. Im frustration is the same phone AT&T branded does not have the feature. When i called support all I was told was sorry but we don't have it and don't know when we will offer it. My only recource is to email someone i don't know and have never had any previous contact with. I don't think this is an acceptable responce after i just purchased two of these devices with a two year contract and a shared data plan. Please tell me who you are and what is going on.


AT&T's response

Thank you for the email and patience while I researched an answer to your question.  It appears this is a firmware issue.  Currently AT&T devices do not yet offer the feature in our build of firmware for the split screen; this may change with a future maintenance release but I cannot guarantee it at this time.   


Due to our fast paced environment this information can change quickly please keep an eye on our website for updates as you normally would for any of our devices.   You can find information at by clicking support and AT&T Community there are many different customer “boards” to ask a question and find an answer. 


Again, I’m sorry I can’t be more specific; I appreciate your time and continued business with AT&T.


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Re: No split screen on my AT&T galaxy note 2

Welcome to our world! This is a well known issue that on other threads. You are talking about "multi-view" and att didn't enable it, though advertised it. I, and countless others did as you, contacted Samsung and then contacted att. All to no end in sight. The options are to return your device while you can, and go to another carrier, or to simply complain like the rest of us on the Facebook Page, through chat sessions and even through bbb complaints.

This is not a firmware "problem", but a firmware choice omission on their part purposefully.
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Re: No split screen on my AT&T galaxy note 2

You should post it in the other thread above, the more hits on a post, the more likely someone MIGHT do something at ATT. Its close to a hundred posts so far. 

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