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New update?


New update?

Just got a new update was 19MB.


It brought the phone to version I337UCUFNC1


Any new on what this update is for?

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Re: New update?

I don't know if any of you guys experienced it but when I upgraded to NB4 it was laggy and at some point it would hang. I was about to downgrade and root but it seems like this 19MB update fixed that problem. 

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Re: New update?

Update went thru on my phone last night.   I can no longer sync google contacts properly.  Google Sync is broken, have to sync one at a time manually (turning off auto).   Phone now always fails to sync contacts when App Data is selected.   My battey heats up more than normal with high battery drain too with this update.   Any fix for this, about to pull the sim out of the phone for now thanx to the I337UCUFNC1 update.


edit.   Restore factory defaults and reinstall apps manually have not fixed this issue.


Samsung Galaxy S4 I337


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