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New colors for Galaxy s3?


New colors for Galaxy s3?

Will AT&T release new colors (black, brown and titanium) for the galaxy s3? I noticed that Verizon is carrying them now. If so, when?

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Re: New colors for Galaxy s3?



     That's a good question but hard to answer. I myself have only heard rumors that ATT will get said colors.  Just keep checking back for your favorite color.



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Re: New colors for Galaxy s3?

Is there any news on this? I'm needing to get a new phone and plan to get a GS3, but I really don't want any of the colors that AT&T is currently offering. I can't understand why they are holding out so long on getting the additional colors.
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Re: New colors for Galaxy s3?

They Hold Out longer than any carrier on firmware upgrades also.  So get use to it or go with another carrier. Facts.......

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Re: New colors for Galaxy s3?

Yep... I've considered switching. Unfortunately I've determined they all pretty much suck in one way or another and most of the others would cost me more money. I would probably get more for my money, but I wouldn't use the "more" so I've stuck with AT&T all these years even though they don't seem to really care much about giving customers what they really want.
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