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Never upgraded OS...questions


Never upgraded OS...questions

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2.  I have never upgraded my OS.  I have a link from ATT to upgrade to both Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.  Do I have to do the ICS upgrade before I can do Jelly Bean?  Does upgrading the OS delete things saved on the phone such as pics, texts, contacts etc?  Are there any known issues with the phones after upgrading?

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Re: Never upgraded OS...questions

You can go straight for the JB update. Don't even worry about ICS.


The update process typically leaves pics/videos/contacts in place, but it is ALWAYS a good idea to back-up your information before major updates.


Unfortunately, there are known issues with every build of every OS on every device. Don't let anything negative you read about JB deter you though, as the pros for this update from HC will definitely outweigh the cons.




Now...go here...

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Re: Never upgraded OS...questions

Awesome, thanks!  So exactly what things on my device are benefited from the OS update? 

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Re: Never upgraded OS...questions

Faster, more efficient and responsive OS.

Better multi-tasking.

Better dictionaries.

Better quick settings.

Better app integration.

Better security.

Better email management.

More customization options.

More widget options.

Project Butter.


And that's just the beginning =P


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Re: Never upgraded OS...questions

Sounds good, thanks!

One quick quesiton.  All of my contacts are backed up to my gmail account.  If something were to happen and my contacts got deleted, how do I get them back to my phone from my gmail account?

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Re: Never upgraded OS...questions

Just sync with that same account. If you have your calendar and other things set as well, those will sync too.

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Re: Never upgraded OS...questions


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