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Need to learn how to clean/maintain my Android PLEASE?


Need to learn how to clean/maintain my Android PLEASE?

Hello! I've had my Pantech Droid nearly a year. This is my first smartphone & I've went kinda crazy with music, apps, pics etc. I'm starting to realize that this phone is very similar to a computer but I have no idea how to clean it, keep it up to date & make sure its running properly. I used to get into the guts of my computer, I'm a geek like that! Could anyone throw me a clue as to where to start here? I don't mind reading & learning, & I'm not COMPLETELY tech ignorant! Just WAY out of date here Smiley Happy I did install AVG free on here so I think I'm doing decent! I also had an app called Ghost Command to try & dig in here but I had no idea what was what lol Any help would be great! Thanks!! Smiley Happy
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Re: Need to learn how to clean/maintain my Android PLEASE?

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Re: Need to learn how to clean/maintain my Android PLEASE?

You can use an app such as Disk Usage, to see what files are taking up the most space.


But keep in mind, that you shouldn't go deleting files willy-nilly, just because they are big, and you don't know what they are.  You likely won't cause any serious damage (OS files are normally protected, unless you have root).  But you might break an app, or something of the sort, if you delete files carelessly.  Obvious targets for deleting are large video or music files that you don't use anymore.  Clean out old photos of videos you recorded (you can move them to your PC, or at least to your SD if not there already).  If you use the phone's camera a lot, this can fill up a lot of space.  Also look in the folder "Download", as you may have a mess of files that were downloaded, that you never use anymore.


Aside from using an app like Disk Usage, you can browse files manually and delete them.  ES File Explorer is a good file manager app.  Its not unlike browsing file folders on your PC.  But like you PC, you need to know what to look for, and where you saved things (or where an app saved them) before you can delete them.


Apps that you don't use anymore are easy targets for deletion, as well. Especially games or other similarly graphic-heavy apps.  Go to Settings>Apps and look at Downloaded (menu tree may be slightly different on your particular phone), and simply pick the apps that you don't need anymore, and uninstall them.  After uninstalling an app, you might still see a folder in the phone's storage or SD with the same name as the app you deleted.  These or usually safe to delete.



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