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Need Help Please On seting up a email


Need Help Please On seting up a email

Can anyone help me ?


I first want to say I have called my IT department and went to the ATT store on more then one occasion and they can't hook up my corporate email to my phone.  However I have a coworker that has the same phone (Samsung) and he is with a Tmoble and the email hooks up - Here is where I need help

I go into setting up my email and I enter in the two pieces of information

I changed one or two letters in my email ect to protect me


My email address is { Personal information removed }

My password XXXXXXXXX


then it takes me to the exchange server settings


It ask me for my domain - to access my email, I go to

so I type in

then my user name - { Personal information removed }

then password xxxxxxx

then in the exchange server


then check the first box and not the second


I hit next and it says it cannot connect to server -


Ok this is what gets me - If I go to my outlook express and look under mobile devices - It appears there - So something is working - I also signed up for the corporate data plan and that didn't work -


Has anyone else has this problem - I am open to any suggestions -





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Re: Need Help Please On seting up a email

Max69 wrote:

It's in the Android Market. Just do a search for NitroDesk or Touchdown.

better to read the instructions on the website first though -

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Re: Need Help Please On seting up a email

The NitroDesk worked - I have it for free for 30 days - Do you think android will be out with version 2.2 In Jan - I see they have it for the new tab (version 2.2)

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