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NEC Terrain - Screenshot/Screen Capture


NEC Terrain - Screenshot/Screen Capture

Just bought a NEC Terrain - does anybody know how to take a screenshot with it or know of an app that works with it?

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Re: NEC Terrain - Screenshot/Screen Capture

Hello @luongj , welcome to the forum!


This is a good question, I searched around and can't find anything yet. I contacted NEC support to see if they can provide any info, I'll let you know if I hear anything from them. In a mean time, I recommend checking your Market app store for third party apps for taking screenshots.



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Re: NEC Terrain - Screenshot/Screen Capture

In this case it's the Android standard method of holding power and volume down buttons simulatneously, as opposed to anything specific for the Terrain


It's not in the user manual, just was trial-and-error for me. Also-- really loud snap sound Smiley Happy

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Re: NEC Terrain - Screenshot/Screen Capture

I just bought a Terrain a week or so ago. Had this same question, and found the same answer in several other places. But I cannot get this to work for me. No matter how hard I try to press both volume down and power at the same moment, one of them always "wins" and I get either the power off screen or the volume control. And I've tried holding them both for at least 5 seconds. Both of those buttons are particularly difficult to press on the Terrain since they're recessed, but using the nails on both thunbs I think I'm getting them both pressed nearly simultaneously. Do you have any tips on technique, like which one is most important to press first, the longest time you might possible need to hold them, or how to tell if it's going to work? I don't know what version of Android actually came in the box, but the day after I got it, it upgraded itself to 4.0.4.


Any ideas - I guess my next move would be to try a "master reset". ANd if that doesn't work try harware/warranty repair. Any other suggestions?

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Re: NEC Terrain - Screenshot/Screen Capture

Install a screenshot app - should work

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Re: NEC Terrain - Screenshot/Screen Capture

Thanks for the reply! And I'll certainly try that as a last resort. But given that several places say that volume-down/power together for a couple of seconds is built into Android starting at 4.0, and both this post and others on other sites say that it works on Terrain, I'd rather get the built-in methid working if possible. The phone is brand new. It's got to be either hardware, software, or user error. The software version (4.0.4) is new enough. People with the same hardware say it works. So either there's something wrong with my particular software installation, with my hardware, or with my technique. Installing an app just wallpapers over the problem, eating resources that shouldn't need to be consumed to get this functionality.


Any other ideas, including suggestions for other places to ask the question? Maybe tacking it onto this already-answered question wasn't the right thing, but it made sense to me as a noob on this site.

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Re: NEC Terrain - Screenshot/Screen Capture

Thanks again for the reply. Turns out it was "user error". I put that in quotes, because it wasn't like I did somthing wrong, but rather I lacked the exquisite dexterity and timing needed to press both volume down and power at *exactly* the same moment. Both of those buttons are somewhat challenging to press reliably by themselves. But to press both at the same instant requires channeling the Karate Kid's flamingo kick! After trying over and over again, having been told by NEC technical support that it definitely should work, I finally got it to work one time. After that, I practiced and practiced, and have improved my skills to the point of being able to get it twice in five tries. Sheesh! Funny how nobody else has complained how finicky it is - I don't have particularly large or calloused hands, pretty much man's medium glove size. And I used to play the piano.

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