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Moving from Skyrocket to S4 transfer advice


Moving from Skyrocket to S4 transfer advice

Could someone advise me on the best method to transfer to a new S4. I am fortunate to have a 32Gb S4 sitting here charged up and am wondering what the best method of transferring my data from my S2 Skyrocket to the new phone.

I have paid apps, will they be included, or retrievable from Play(hopefully the apps data history saved)? Is there any chance data such as Swiftkey statistics will move over? Those are really my only concerns beyond phone call history and text history and contact info(which I hope is backed up in Google).

TIA for any help.

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Re: Moving from Skyrocket to S4 transfer advice

There are 3rd party apps, like ROM Toolbox and Titanium Backup, that will backup not only your apps but also your app and system data. Apps also exist for SMS backup. Your contact info, if associated with your GMail, should be somewhere in a cloud so you should be safe there.

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Re: Moving from Skyrocket to S4 transfer advice

For non root app data backup there is a app called helium. It will back up logs and SMS also. Sync contacts with Google or att.
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