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Moto X

What does everyone think about the Moto X? I currently have a Galaxy S3, but am nearing my patience with the battery drain issue with it. The reviews on the Moto X that I have read seem really good.


Just wondering what those that have it think about it? How's the battery life on it?

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Re: Moto X

The Moto X is a really good phone. I would put it against the S4 or any of the high end Android devices because it runs pretty much stock android. Also with Moto Maker you can make a pretty decent phone any way you want.


I would also look at the Nexus 5 as well for a feature set if you are looking for a bigger screen. Since both phones are pretty much exactly the same phone since Google owns Motorola.


I personally am using one for work right now and I get good battery life usually about a day and half of normal usage with it. Of course your milage may vary.

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Re: Moto X

omrebel, you already have my take on the Moto G. I like the Moto X also and would have gotten it except the Moto G was more in my budget. I know one person at work that has one. We work in an area where cell reception isn't that great, but he with his Moto X and I with my Moto G both get full bars while the HTCs, S3s, S4s and Notes 2 and 3 around us get 2 bars if they get any at all. Most all of us are on AT&T so that isn't the issue. The non-removable battery is the only thing I don't like, but he seems to make it through the day without charging.

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Re: Moto X

I know this is an old post Smiley Happy


I love my MOTO X - I still perfer it even over the current versions put out by other manufacturers - HTC or Samsung.

The only gripes I have with the phone?


The screen resolution will cause minor 'bleed' effects with black text on a white background. It's mildly irritating and can work around it.


The camera - unless your in a good lighting situation the camera sucks. So beware of that. 


Otherwise its a stellar mid-range device that still has some life to it!

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