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Missing calls, Unable to make calls and losing Data


Missing calls, Unable to make calls and losing Data

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3. It was great until about a week ago. I noticed that I would take my phone out to look at it and have no data. I will have almost full signal but no data at all? It's like I get LTE or nothing.


I have also had several people try to call me and not get through. They won't even get my voicemail. They will get  message that I am not available. When I try to place calls lately it sits and just fails and then i have to dial again to get it to go through. 


I have spoken with CS and they "assigned me" to a new tower. And this evening I went to the store and got a new SIM Card. I really like this phone but I need to be reliable. Please help.

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Re: Missing calls, Unable to make calls and losing Data

You are not alone I began experiencing this exact problem around the same time as you. Very annoying I am going to try a new sim card to see if thats the problem. Around the same time I also noticed I will have 5 bars of service but no data connection, have you experienced this also. If you find a fix please post it on here.

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