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Message Count not showing for one contact? [Samsung Galaxy S2]


Message Count not showing for one contact? [Samsung Galaxy S2]

Okay so I encountered this problem on my phone and I have no idea how to fix it. Yesterday my when I was going to check my text messages, somehow all my contacts had been wiped out and none were saved in my phone anymore. (?) I didn't do anything to it, or at least I didn't think I did. So I spent quite a while re-syncing and saving my contacts from my Sim to Google contacts to my phone and etc. TODAY, another problem came up... Usually when I get a text message, it pops up in my notification bar notifying me I have a new text and when I click the envelope to check the message, it'll show the message count next to the person that sent me the text message. But somehow it's suddenly stopped showing for one person 
I thought it might just be the message center not showing for anyone so I asked my sister to send me a message and the message count showed up for her.I have some screen captures to show you what I mean. It shows I have 2 unread messages over my message envelope but when I tap open it, it only shows the message count for 1. I also tested it out with another person, having them text me and see if their message count shows up, and sure enough, it does. Enough said, here's the screen capture:





I'm positive I haven't read the message yet and the count isn't from another contact cause after I tap to read the message from that person, the message notification icon goes away from my notification bar. Please help me here! I'm utterly confused! Thanks!

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Re: Message Count not showing for one contact? [Samsung Galaxy S2]

This sounds like a software issue to me. The fact that all your contacts mysteriously disappeared as well makes me think that something funky is going on with the OS. 


If this is just a minor inconvenience, I'd let it go but if it really bothers you (it would drive me nuts), you might want to think about doing a full backup and restoring your phone. 


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