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Marshmallow update HTC One 8

Marshmallow update HTC One 8

The marshmallow installation on my HTC M8 failed multiple times while installing.  Has anyone had a similar issue and a resolution? I tried the manual load, but also had problems with the HTC sync and their support wasnt able to resolve that issue. Obviously very frustrated that after a long delay, the installation still doesn't work.

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Re: Marshmallow update HTC One 8

Its been reported by a number of other folks on another thread:  https://forums.att.com/t5/Android/ATT-Android-Update-for-HTC-One-M8/m-p/4817104#M69759


Apparently, the update required a ridiculous amount of free storage (16 GB, possibly more!) in order to install (probably due to some error).

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Re: Marshmallow update HTC One 8

Thank you.  I had a lot of open memory, but clearly not enough.  When I opened up even more (18+ gb), it then worked.  I agree that this is rediculous, especially when users have to figure this out on their own versus it being part of the load process (checking for memory) or at least communicating it.

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‎05-20-2016 10:38 AM

Re: Marshmallow update HTC One 8

Hello @tallguy2270


Thank you so much for the great questions, and feedback regarding this update.  It seems that many of you have been able to successfully download the newest Marshmallow OS for the M8 and M9, but if you are still having issues, please see the info below.


M8 Release Details


M9 Release Details


We have heard the feedback about the large requirement of free space needed for the install and have sent this to HTC.  At this time, HTC has advised that the free space required to download M8 and M9 are 1212.5MB (M8) and 1552.88MB (M9). 


Once the package is downloaded, the installation requires 150MB (which was already reserved during FOTA download).


Although not supported by AT&T, HTC has advised that customers can sideload the update to bypass the large storage requirement. 


Here is the link for your information:

Please contact HTC if you have any questions regarding the below information. Sideloading will wipe your device and restore to factory settings.

M8 - http://www.htc.com/us/support/htc-one-m8-att/news/.

M9 - http://www.htc.com/us/support/htc-one-m9-att/news/


If you have other Marshmallow related questions, please join the discussion.  We will announce all future Marshmallow info here.


Tim, Community Specialist



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Re: Marshmallow update HTC One 8

I just spent 34min on the phone with customer service. Their solution was to turn off my data and WiFi to avoind it continue to download. In six days I can visit the AT&T store to see if they can help. How does AT&T release this upgrade later than everyone else and it's still screwed up? Battery draining incredibly fast, phone running hot, and very slow. Thank you AT&T for once again making me question why I am still with you. High monthly rates, lack of diligent support for your devices, long call wait times... Maybe spend less money bringing new customers in and try to retain the ones that you have.

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