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Maps crashes in 3D after Jelly Bean


Maps crashes in 3D after Jelly Bean

I have been chasing this defect around the Android and Google forums. After a bit of consideration, I conclude AT&T owns this problem in as much as they are the vendor and integrator of record.


After installing Jelly Bean, Google Maps crashes during navigation. Many people have been testing all the variables, but it comes down to the visual Maps display bombing (oddly, Navigation still runs in background and shouts out the turn-by-turn directions).


The problem appears to be directly related to 3D mode (does not crash in 2D) and is perhaps tied to display accelerator chips (last point is speculation).


Google will likely not address the defect without AT&T pushing them. Since AT&T sold the phone and the Jelly Bean upgrade as their products, they have the onus of pushing through the fix (e.g. the product is defective, AT&T is the product vendor). Navigation in 2D is not acceptable.


We need AT&T to reply to this thread and disclose their plan of action.

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