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Looking for Android Phone

Looking for Android Phone

Some reason I can't pin down the phone I could get.

Either the phone has what I want, but is out of my area (purchase) and is not available online.

And then there is the phone that doesn't have a microSD card slot and/or 4.3+ OS.


I guess having ideas for a new phone would be helpful.
I don't travel all that much, save for weekends for hours at a time, course I have my phone generally plugged in before I leave, so I doubt the batterly only lasting about 10 hours is all that bad to me.

SD card would no doubt be for expandle storage, so the apps can be moved off of the phone if space is needed.


I'm hoping that 16GB Internal is Enough for at least the basic apps.

For comparison sake, the current phone I have is: LG Thrill 4G.

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Re: Looking for Android Phone

Really, you haven't provided too many details on what your requirements/preferences are, aside from the MicroSD.  Discussion of battery life is near useless, without discussing your usage habits and what you use the phone for.  Most modern smartphones "should" get you through the "waking" portion of the day, then charge overnight.  But that very much depends on how much you use the phone, and for what purposes (for instance, video streaming and gaming are very power intensive).


Some important factors would include:


What is your budget, and are you eligible for subsidized pricing (device upgrade) as price is always going to be a major factor.


Do you want a higher spec device, or something more mid-range or budget?

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Re: Looking for Android Phone

1. Android.

2. 16 GB - 32 GB (because of pre-installed apps, which are kind of turn off for me)

3. microSD slot

4. KitKat OS

5. Battery life 10+ hours (I stay at home and barely surf with WiFi but will go out for half that time.)

6. I am with Family Plan, as in I allotted a new upgrade every 2 years.

7. Budget is for Free phones primarily.

8. I always have screen brightness at 50 regardless to help save power.

9. I generally used under 300 MB

10. Is this a good list of what I am looking for? The phone doesn't have to be super fancy, but at least allow me to add in: e-mail accounts, syng with Facebook, allow me to surch the Web, give me the option to move apps to the sd card if I need to. Just the basics really, but still with plenty of power.

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Re: Looking for Android Phone

Just looking at what is available online for free (subsidized).  The only real standouts for me is the Moto X, and to a lesser degree the LG G2 (both are showing a web discount for me, making them free subsidized).  Unlike many of the "feature" (free) phones tend to be mid-range budget models; both the the Moto X and G2 are actually flagship phones, whose pricepoint has fallen a bit more quickly than more popular models like the Samsung Galaxy S4.


While the Moto X does not quite have the horsepower on paper as some top-tier flagship phones, reviews still say it performs very smoothly.  And the ability to customize the body colors (including real wood) is simply awesome.


Unfortunately, neither the Moto X nor the G2 offer a removeable MicroSD.



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Re: Looking for Android Phone

You do have a point there.

I mean, obviously my concern is: Space, OS, and Processing power (data upload/download and processing said data).

There were, I guess maybe one or two who didn't like the positioning of the "Scroll-button" on the back of the G2.
The Moto X is something I haven't heard of before, and I used to hear about phones and their features a lot back when: Attack of the Show was on the air.

At least I have 2 options with at most of what I need.

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Re: Looking for Android Phone

I've not been a big fan of LG phones.  But that is just a personal thing.


Really, the Moto X looks like a very nice phone.  Maybe less attractive specs-wise compared to the top tier phones coming out right now, such as the brand new One (M8) , and the upcoming Galaxy S5.  But really, until pretty recently the Moto X has been reviewed as a really good phone at any price point, not just "free" (subsidized); even compard to the top priced big boys.  I've still seen the Moto X on a "best Android phones" (top 5) list just the other day on one of the "tech" websites.


Yes, memory space may be a concern.   Particularly if you like to install lots of apps and/or media (songs, videos).  But there are going to be some compromises at the price point you are talking about.


There is also the Galaxy Note 2 and S3.  Good devices in their time, both with MicroSD slots.  But both are "last generation models" (current models are the Note 3 and S4), which I am reluctant to recommend.  Especially the S3, which is going to be two generations behind when the S5 releases on April 11.  And I don't believe KitKat is available yet on either (although I think its supposed to be coming).

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Re: Looking for Android Phone

I am actually quite curious on 2 things:
1. I don't remember, but if you don't like your new phone, you can swap it out for a new one, right? For a free one (subsidized as you call it) since the new phone is the same?

2. Are there any new Android Phones coming towards the end of the month?

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Re: Looking for Android Phone

Draco of Dragon World 2080 wrote:

I am actually quite curious on 2 things:
1. I don't remember, but if you don't like your new phone, you can swap it out for a new one, right? For a free one (subsidized as you call it) since the new phone is the same?

2. Are there any new Android Phones coming towards the end of the month?

1.  You have 14 days (used to be 30) to return the phone for any reason.  But you may also be charged up to a $35 restocking fee.  Don't know why its not specifically spelled out on the policy linked below, but when I bought my last phone I think the store rep told me there was some limited time to return the phone for no restocking fee.  Maybe a week?  Really can't remember for certain.  But the main point, its a very limited window.  No restock fee if the phone is defective, and you just exchange for the same phone.


2.  Don't personally know.  The new version of the HTC One (M8) just came out.  And the Samsung Galaxy S5 as I already mentioned (April 11).  Don't know what else is coming, aside from those.  I only know about those, because those are the phones I'm considering buying.

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