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Locked HTC One X problem


Locked HTC One X problem


i just ordered a refurbished HTC One X phone locked for at&t  from Ebay


i was wondering how i unlock it ?

while im not at&t Customer 

i just bought the phone from ebay


and when i receive it im traveling out of usa and wanna use it 


any help ?


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Re: Locked HTC One X problem

If you are not an AT&T customer and reside in the US, they will not give you the SIM unlock code.


Just buy the code from eBay (or other online sources) for a few dollars.  Pick one with a good eBay seller rating.  Also pick one that states they will refund your money if the code doesn't work, as I've read of some One X users having the issue of the code not working.

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Re: Locked HTC One X problem

ok thxxx Smiley Happy
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