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Lemon'd Sony Xperia Ion?

Lemon'd Sony Xperia Ion?

This is my second Sony Xperia Ion from ATT. I purchased one in June and after 3 weeks of usage, the microphone doesn't work anymore. People wouldn't be able to hear my voice on their line. I called Bestbuy whom I order the phone from and ask them to replace me with a new one since its still under 30 days. Well after receiving my 2nd Ion, It was working great until last night. The 2nd Ion microphone does not work anymore similiar to the first one I had. I called Bestbuy mobile and they couldn't do anything for me since it pass the 30 days mark.  I never dropped these phones and had a good case on it every since I took it out the box. 


I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this, but its quite fustrating for a phone less than a few months to have such flaw.Is there anything ATT can help me with this? 

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Re: Lemon'd Sony Xperia Ion?

     I would not play around with it, File a warranty claim for it as per the owners manual (1-866-766-9374 or contact AT&T's warranty department at 1-800-801-1101, if you have insurance you can call 1-877-405-2418

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Re: Lemon'd Sony Xperia Ion?

The mic on my Xperia ion isn't working either.  The only way people can hear me is if I'm using my wireless earpiece.  Two to three weeks without a phone, that's a bum deal.  Is your third ion still working, or did you end up having to switch models?


Just checked my receipt, I bought it on 11/15/2012, it's 12/17 today, so yeah, 32 days, bum deal.

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