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LG Xpression problems


LG Xpression problems

So I just got an LG Xpression and have discovered two problems.



1: When charging the phone over night, it turns off by morning (phone not on = no alarm)

2: Can the LG Xpression really only text one page at a time? My old LG phone would let you send up to 5 at a time. 


Anyone else experience this or know anything about it?

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Re: LG Xpression problems



1. I have not experienced this issue with my phone.  See about taking the phone to your local AT&T Wireless corporate store.

2. I do not know if this phone only allows you to text one page at a time.  I think it does, though.

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Re: LG Xpression problems

Ive actually been having the same problem with my phone not shutting on and turning off unexpectedly I dont understand what the problem is. 

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