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LG Thrill - Data overage despite WiFi


LG Thrill - Data overage despite WiFi

I have set my LG Thrill 4G phone to access the Wifi through my home AT&T  Wifi network so that I can use the Facebook app in hopes of avoiding data overages but to no avail, I am still going over my 200MB limit.  I did an experiment in which I only used the Facebook app at home and did not access any apps outside of the house and I still was notified as surpassing my data limit.  Do I need to logout out of Facebook after each use so when I leave home? Is it still running in the background and thus eating up data?  Facebook is the only app I use. What is going on that I am reaching my data limit when the phone is WiFi connected? Help!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: LG Thrill - Data overage despite WiFi

Since its Android Operating system these steps should also be the same for most phones.


Go to your network settings and Find Mobile connections and disable it. Thats the connection that uses data.

Once its clicked off also click off the wifi and then try to click anything that needs data it will say need a connection that shows and proves both wifi/mobile is shut off.  Once your shure just click on the wifi and leave off the mobile and only use it when needed. I also have the 200 meg plan and dont use any data, Also there is a quick settings when you slide down the notifications that will also have them settings easier to manage.

Goodluck ,,,


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Re: LG Thrill - Data overage despite WiFi

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