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Re: LG Phoenix 2, QuickMemo+ turning on by itself


LG Phoenix 2, QuickMemo+ turning on by itself

Fairly often when I unlock my phone with my pin it opens to Quickmemo+.  I never use Quickmemo+ so I can't figure out why my phone is opening this app on its own.  Quickmemo+ appears to be a provided app that I can't uninstall.

I have a LG Phoenix 2 Phone running Android 7.0.

This happens often enough to be annoying.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: LG Phoenix 2, QuickMemo+ turning on by itself

Hello @bsocket,

I am sorry to hear the QuickMemo app keeps opening by itself. I can help you with this!

Please see if you have the option to disable it. You can check this by going into Settings > General Tab > Apps > QuickMemo > Disable.

If you do not have this option, please try restarting the device. If the issue continues, a factory reset would be the final solution. This does wipe your phone completely, however it should clear up this software error. Please make a backup prior!

Instructions for this can be found on our Device Support Page. Select your make and model > Tutorials > Backup & Restore. You can also find the reset instructions in here under Tutorials > Troubleshooting > Reset Device.

I hope this information is helpful. Best of luck and have a great evening!

Jonathan, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: LG Phoenix 2, QuickMemo+ turning on by itself

After playing around with all the settings for like 2 months. I finally figured out how to remove the QuickMemo from the lock screen. This will keep it from opening up immediately after you swipe the lock screen. 

1. Settings, 2. Display, 3. Lock Screen, 4. Shortcuts/Customize, 5.Tap trash can upper right, 6. Check QuickMemo, 7. Tap remove. 

This 62 year old senior citizen is very proud of herself!!


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Re: LG Phoenix 2, QuickMemo+ turning on by itself

You are amazing. 2 days of searching and you are the only one to find fix. Thank you!!!!

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Re: LG Phoenix 2, QuickMemo+ turning on by itself

OH MY GOD THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Same thing happened to me. Quick memo all of a sudden is right there soon as i enter my pin EVERYTIME! I found zero help until your post here, Once again thank you so much! I hope you hit the lotto and get rich! Great job!!!

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