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Re: LG Optimus G Wifi

LG Optimus G Wifi

I hope this is the right place to ask, cause its been so long since I've been on here. My LG Optimus wifi keeps turning itself off. I turn it on and try to connect to my wifi at home and after about 15 seconds it turns right off! I can't figure out why?

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Re: LG Optimus G Wifi

Same issue here. This is driving me crazy.

Most of the time, if I stay on the WiFi setting screen after I connect to a network, the screen will say "turning off WiFi" within a few seconds and the connection is lost.

What is going on? I have the "keep WiFi on during sleep" setting at "always."
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Re: LG Optimus G Wifi

Drewsky56, Do you have AVG antivirus free installed? I just uninstalled it and several annoying problems went away:

-WiFi no longer turns off on its own
-WiFi networks are remembered
-phone no longer hangs when performing power off and restart

Hope that helps you.
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Re: LG Optimus G Wifi

... and either disable the built-in AT&T Smart WiFi app, or register your network with it.
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Re: LG Optimus G Wifi

I just got the phone tonite and the wifi not staying on was driving me nuts! You have to disable the AT&T Smart WiFi app!!!!!!!  Then everything works great!!!

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