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LG Optimus G Pro


LG Optimus G Pro

Could anyone give me feedback on this phone? good/bad. was looking at one yesterday thinking about picking one up..

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Re: LG Optimus G Pro


I have one..



Most under rated phone in AT&T's line up.


The S600 does a fine job.  Fairly large battery keeps the device charged for 14-17 hours of moderate use.  Screen is beautiful.  Comes only in 32GB!  Excellent!  No need to decide if you should go 16 or 32.


I suggest you get a Qi charger.  Once you use it, you'll never go back.  I scored one for $12 when AT&T had an accessories sale.




Don't count on LG or AT&T to ever go beyond Jelly Bean.  Not sure if that is an issue for you.


It is an 'aging' phone in technology time frame.  But I don't see me wanting anything new for a while.  Even with all the nice phones coming out on the horizon.




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Re: LG Optimus G Pro

I've been the type to get a new phone every six months. I bought the G Pro a little under a year ago and I love it. It's a solid phone that never received much hype. 


The downside is it's stuck at 4.1.2 (Jellybean) supposedly an update is coming, but god forbid anytime soon. Technically the phone is 6 android update behind? With 4.4.3 coming, probably 7. However this phone has been out for some time and there are plenty of custom rom options available. I'm running CM 11(Android 4.4.2) and it has breathed new life into my phone. It's sweet!

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Re: LG Optimus G Pro

Simple. It may not be the most cutting edge when stacked up against the G
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Re: LG Optimus G Pro

Simple. It may not be the most cutting edge when stacked up against the G2 or S5, but its also at a fraction of the price. And you have to ask yourself, would you really ever notice a difference in everday use? I've experienced no lag from the processer, runs smoothly 24/7. 401ppi out of a 5.5 inch screen, both impressive and looks beautiful. Battery will last at 2 full days with normal use. I love this device. But I know the G2 is free w/ 2yr activation. Your call, you wont regret either device
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