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LG Optimus G Pro bluetooth malarky


LG Optimus G Pro bluetooth malarky

LG Optimus G Pro s  ver 4.4.2 and yes, according to the phone, the software is as current as is offered  

"unfortunately, bluetooth has stopped working"--as if it NEEDED to tell me.  Sheesh.

Cleared bluetooth app cache  no love

Actually that particular chicken dance was part of pretty much every 'solution' offered on this forum.  no love

Hard power reset  no love

Tried at least 5 or 6 other mind-numbing (and fruitless) techno wizard spells that we've all found on the google search.  life wasting?  yes    no love


What's up AT&T Android folks?  


And yeah the neutron bomb of a factory reset--who in their right mind wants to wade through that?


That is NOT a solution.


Cranky yet hopeful......


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Re: LG Optimus G Pro bluetooth malarky

My original post stands.


This followup is cause when registering for this forum, I wasn't allowed to chose an ID with AT&T in the name.  e.g. "AT&T regrets"  

Orwellian Trumpian (yeah, I said it) garbage.


Verizon rocks compared to AT&T.  Low bar, I know.



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