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LG Optimus G Jelly Bean Update


LG Optimus G Jelly Bean Update

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Re: LG Optimus G Jelly Bean Update

Sometime between now and never, I'm leaning more towards the latter.

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Re: LG Optimus G Jelly Bean Update

So ture ^. It seems we are last to the update as the Canadian carriers started pushing out the Jelly Bean update to LGOG users on their networks. Silly to think that the second biggest cell phone provider in America can't beat out the 3rd or international carriers. AT&T wants us to believe we are subsribing to a cutting edge service, but the lack of communication on this matter coupled with the delayed updates for other Android smartphones makes me second guess. :-/

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Re: LG Optimus G Jelly Bean Update

I received a software update on my LGOG this morning thinking it would be Jelly Bean but my software version is still 4.0.4. Guess it was something else but I'm not sure what. The software push made updats to some 90 something apps. Anyone know what this update was about? Security patches?


Specs after software updated...


Android Version: 4.0.4

Baseband Version: APQ8064/MDM9x15M

Kernel Version: 3.0.21

Build Number: IMM76L

Software Version: E97011c

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Re: LG Optimus G Jelly Bean Update

Its a old update....i had this exact same version updated to my OG back in December im assuming u ppl just purchased the phone recently or somehow the update just appeared on your phones....sorry to crush yall dreams lol
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Re: LG Optimus G Jelly Bean Update

E97010c was the December update.  E97011c was the Easter update.  They aren't te same.

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Re: LG Optimus G Jelly Bean Update

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