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LG G3 Locks up and resets every 30 seconds.


LG G3 Locks up and resets every 30 seconds.

No more local tech support staff?  That's completely useless.  How am I supposed to call AT&T for tech support for a hardware problem with a nonfunctional phone?!?

Anyway, the LG G3 I have locks up and reboots continuously now, and the battery dies in like 30 minutes.  Is there anywhere in the Detroit suburb area I can take this thing?

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Re: LG G3 Locks up and resets every 30 seconds.

Hello there @steelyray!


Although our Device Support Centers for local support have closed, you are still able to visit any of our AT&T retail stores to diagnose device issues and be assisted with warranty replacement if needed and eligibility applies.


In regards to your reboot issue, when did you start to notice this problem begin? Whenever a device freezes and reboots continuously, I always suggest checking the software. When you update your software, this assists the phone to better run and it also removes any existing glitches. To learn how to update your software please click here. Select your make and model phone, then click on “View all Tutorials” to get started.


For this device, I would also suggest testing the phone in safe mode. To put your phone in safe mode, this places the device in a mock factory state. If your phone acts normal in safe mode, it would mean a third party downloaded application is causing issues to the phone and will require removal of all recent apps.. If your device still freezes and reboots in safe mode, then the phone may require factory reset. To put your phone in Safe Mode:


  1. Long press Power to turn the device off from a powered-on state.
  2. The device shows three options: Power off, Restart, Airplane Mode.
  3. Long press the Power off option, and the device restarts in Safe Mode option.


To learn how to factory reset your phone, you can also refer to the above Device Support tool link. I always recommend backing up your phone, as the reset will clear your entire device back to factory settings.


Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. We are always available!


Shenoah, AT&T Community Specialist

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