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Kit Kat 4.4, who's getting it when ??

Kit Kat 4.4, who's getting it when ??

So. Most of us are constantly searching and scanning for the latest updates for our devices. Be it a tablet, smartphone or even our home computers.
I am seeing several different versions of Android updates out there and am looking forward to future generations and variations. But all these new Android versions then ask the nagging question, which one do I get and when will it be released? Now I know that it takes time to make the tiny alterations from manufacturer to manufacturer, but we, the paying public, just want some idea of what plans AT&T has in releasing which version of these newer versions each of our mobile devices should hope to see.
It seems only natural to expect some type of update(s) in the not to distant future. Most of the new Android versions provide some significant changes that will help manage memory and therefore improve overall performance for everyone.
So, share, with your shareholders :')
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Re: Kit Kat 4.4, who's getting it when ??

What device do you have?? Galaxy S4 users like myself just got the Android 4.3 update and I don't think we will see KitKat for a while..
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Re: Kit Kat 4.4, who's getting it when ??

Maybe you're new to AT&T?  I've been dealing with them for 3 years, at least in terms of Android updates.  The one thing I've learned is it's best to forget about upgrades.  Sure, you *might* get an upgrade or two or even three, but they will all arrive months after you *think* they should, and there's a good chance that even WITH the long delay, they'll be so bug-filled that you wish you had never received it.


I learned this several times over 3 years.  The worst was the one upgrade that was FORCED onto my phone (where I had *no* option to decline) via over-the-air upgrade.  That's when I immediately began to suffer what was known as the "sleep of death" where the phone would just enter sleep and not return without a reboot.  I missed more than a few calls as well as a bunch of appointment reminders that never came cause the phone died.  That version was miserable and I had to take the phone to an AT&T "device store" to have them revert to the previous version.


Now, it's not all doom-and-gloom.  They surprised me with version 4.1.2 recently and aside from much shorter battery life, it's actually pretty good.


Bottom line, don't be in a hurry for upgrades with AT&T or you have no chance to be satisfied.

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Re: Kit Kat 4.4, who's getting it when ??

HTC One users on AT&T will get KitKat by end of January if not sooner (rumored by Christmas).

For Samsung owners...


For Samsung/LG owners...

Hope this helps.

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Re: Kit Kat 4.4, who's getting it when ??

I don't know it is good or not. KitKat 4.4 is buggy.


Better have KitKat 4.4.1

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Re: Kit Kat 4.4, who's getting it when ??

I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Express i437p running Android 4.1.2 ...and being an entry level device, it is very very capable !
I ditched TouchWiz, naturally, for Action Launcher (pro) ..
I am really not fussy, it's really quite stable as is. I just continue to hear of OS improvement and since Android is openly a "Free" OS platform, not to mention the Open SDK. Guess I just take for granted that newer is "better" I would really not mind 4.3 even. Just as long as it's an upgrade :-) that would in some manner improve functionality of the device :-)
Thanks for all the feedback !!
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Re: Kit Kat 4.4, who's getting it when ??

...4.3 would mostly improve storage shortcomings by allowing some apps to be moved to its external storage. That I think is about only issue I have so far with the device.... and it's really not a big deal.
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Re: Kit Kat 4.4, who's getting it when ??

I'm running 4.4.2, been on it since last weekend. In KitKat the email itself has improved compared to 4.3, but the email widget seems to be lagging more than before. The most annoying change (for me) is the wi-fi icon color no longer shows whether you actually have internet connectivity or not the way it used to in older versions of Android. AppOps is no longer available in 4.4.2 (first appeared in 4.3). The alarm has improved. Haven't tried ART runtime instead of Dalvik either.

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