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Just a question


Just a question

Hey, i wanted to ask .. that if i buy a HTC one from ATT and get it delivered to Saudi Arabia ...will it be able to work? and secondly are the updates dispatched from ATT or HTC themselves .. if i'm using my local carrier on the One will i be able to officially update?

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Re: Just a question

Probably not as it will be locked to AT&T
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Re: Just a question

It will not be factory unlocked to work in Saudi Arabia. Perhaps you can purchase one directly from HTC, if they offer the option to have the phones factory unlocked? I'm not too familiar with HTC phones.

AT&T receives the OS updates and disperses them throughout the U.S. You would probably not be able to update if you bought the phone through AT&T.

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Re: Just a question

First rule of buying a cell phone from any source other than your carrier, is to research the band (frequency) compatibility, and make  sure the phone you want to buy matches what your carrier uses.  band compatibility is set in hardware, and therefore can't be changed in software.  So once you buy the phone, you are stuck. 


According to this , Saudi Arabia uses 900 and 1800 for GSM/EDGE (which most phones are compatible with) and 2100 MHz for 3G, which the AT&T One X is compatible with.  You will have to research what LTE bands your country/carrier uses, if you want LTE compatibility, as my link doesn't list it.


So the AT&T One X should work, but will need to be SIM unlocked, as most GSM phones sold in the US are SIM locked to a specific carrier.  You might be able to buy the SIM unlock code from online sources for a small fee (usually less than $10 US).  But this is no longer allowed in the US.  So check your local guidelines, and availibility if you consider this route.


Another route would be to buy what that is already SIM unlocked, as their are various sources for this.


I'm not even sure if AT&T will sell overseas.  Have you looked into whether they will even do that?


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